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GME Institutional Policies

Alphabetical Listing of Key GME Institutional Policies for Our Campus

View the complete listing of GME Institutional Policies.

Academic Appeals and Due Process [#720]

Academic Performance & Improvement Actions  [#705]

Academic Performance & Improvement Plan (PIP) [#710]

PIP Single Incident Documentation [#714]

PIP Program Director Checklist [#715]

PIP Outcome Letter [#716]

Accommodation for Disabilities [#160]

ACGME Accreditation and CLER [#300]

Affirmative Action & EEO [#110]

Annual Resident Agreement of Appointment [#120]

Aid to Impaired Residents (AIRS) Program [#320]

Clinical Competency & Quality Improvement Committee (CCC) [#640]

Clinical & Educational Work Hours [#330]

Clinical and Educational Work Hours Logging and Monitoring [#335]

Criminal Background Checks [#130]

Code of Conduct [#UTHR0580]

Disaster [#550]

Disciplinary and Adverse Actions [#700]

Drug Free Campus and Workplace [#UTHSC 720]

Fatigue Management and Stress Education [#340]

Fitness for Practice and Drug Testing [#745]

Attachment A Reasonable Suspicion Drug/Alcohol Testing [#745A]

Attachment B Authorization for Release of Mental Health Evaluation Drug/Alcohol Testing [#745B]

GME Institutional Well-Being [#222]

Grievances [#730]

Handoffs and Transitions of Care [#360]

Insurance Benefit Summaries [#230]

Lab Coats and Dress Code [#240]

Leave (GME) [#500]

Licensure Exemption &  Prescribing Information [#260]

Loan Deferment [#270]

Immunity from Professional Liability vs Malpractice [#280]

Meals and Cafe' Hours [#200]

Medical Licensing Examination Requirements (USMLE) [#630]

Moonlighting [#350]

Permission to Engage in Moonlighting [#355]

New Innovations Policies & Procedures [#060]

Erlanger Disclosure Policy [Draft]

EHS Alert Instructions

2019 ACLS Guideline Update for Epinephrine Administration

Workers Compensation Claims Process Supervisor: 

  • Supervisor may call in First Notice of Loss (FNOL) within 3 days when resident is receiving medical treatment. 
  • Contact the CorVel nurse triage line:  1-866-245-8588 option #2
  • A departmental fine of $1,000 will be charged each time a claim report is not completed by a supervisor. 

Workers Compensation Claims Process for Residents:

Step 1:  Injured Worker Reports Injury

  • BEFORE SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT, report the injury to CorVel: 1-866-245-8588, Option 1
  • This is a 24/7 Nurse Line
  • The NURSE determines the appropriate level of treatment needed and will direct you to the nearest STATE APPROVED treatment facility
  • DO NOT go to the doctor before you call CorVel

Step 2:  Inform your Supervisor RIGHT AWAY

  • Exactly what happened, how it happened, and if CorVel advises you to get medical treatment.

Step 3:  Inform the GME Office WITHIN 24 hours of Injury

Complete the Incident Report form and return to the GME Office in Suite 104 of the Whitehall Building (fax to 423.778.3673 or scan and email to

Last Published: Apr 16, 2021