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Incoming Residents and Fellows

Welcome 2022 Incoming Residents and Fellows

The University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga and our entire GME Community are pleased to welcome you as you prepare to join our programs this summer!  We sincerely believe that you will enjoy living in Chattanooga and will quickly consider it "home."

Key GME Office Staff include:

Jacqueline Hogan, CAP, GME Financial Specialist, 423.778.3899 (
Courtney Orloski, CAP, Medical Student Services Specialist, 423.778.7442 (
Robbin Williams, C-TAGME, GME Lead Coordinator, 423.778.3894 (
Pamela Scott, C-TAGME, Director, Graduate & Medical Student Education, 423.778.7673 (

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to impact our ability to conduct even in-person interviews, so we likely limit the number of large group institutional orientation activities.  Most of that will be conducted remotely via online Onboarding Checklists in New Innovations.  Departments will be able to offer smaller program-level, in-person orientation sessions.  We will be updating schedules and posting more links via the buttons on the right-hand side of this page.  Please check back frequently for the must current information. Please note that, especially this early, dates and times are tentative and will be modified over the next months.  Please check with your department to confirm plans.  Also, it is recommended that you presume that, during the last two weeks of June, you will be scheduled almost every day for activities in your department or GME Office.  We will update our posted schedules at least weekly, but urge you to double check with your departments.

We encourage you to move to Chattanooga or our surrounding area by the end of the first week in June (June 4, 2022).  You can begin making appointments for your immunization screening and pre-employment drug screens, OSHA respirator mask fit tests, etc., at Erlanger Express Care on Market Street) as early as May 1.   We will ask if these appointments can be scheduled in April as well and will post that information here and email you as well. If you are unable to undergo a physical examination before moving to Chattanooga, you can also call and schedule that at the same Erlanger Express Care at a discounted cash rate ($65) if you are not covered by your current health insurance at the time.

  • Our institution-wide GME Orientation Part 1 will be held in-person on Thursday, June 23 (8:30 - 11:30 am ET) in Probasco Auditorium on the Ground Floor of the Erlanger Medical Mall. Initially we had planned this to be a Zoom activity.  For a few of our incoming fellows who cannot be in Chattanooga that day, please contact us ( or 423.778.3899) so we can email you a Zoom link to participate with us.  We recommend that you bring your tablet or personal laptop to this session so Jacqueline Hogan can go over how to access the Concur travel website used for conference reimbursement during your GME training.

  • Official UT white coat photos have been scheduled with professional photographer, David Humber, on Wednesday, June 29 from 9 am - 2 pm ET.  Mr. Humber will be in our UT Computer Classroom (1st floor, Whitehall Building across from our GME and Deans Offices) for your professional photos.  The GME Office will distribute your monogrammed lab coats that day for the photos, as well as items including your official ID badges, badge reels, meal cards, badge buddies, etc.   IT Staff will be available while you are waiting to have photos taken so they can assist you in setting up 2-Factor authentication (with thumb print ID) for e-prescribing through a software app (Imprivata).  We will make sure that your proxy badge access is correctly set so you can access appropriate Erlanger buildings, doors, and parking as described in the gray box on the right hand side of this page.  We will also distribute your initial PPE (N95 mask and eye protection) at that time.

  • The GME Office and the Deans have planned a special social event on the Southern Belle Riverboat, Wednesday evening, June 29.  All new and current Residents and Fellows are invited as well as your spouse or guest.  You will be receiving more details through an email invitation once plans are finalized, so make sure to add the date and evening to your calendars.  You will be able to meet and mingle with your fellow incoming Residents and Fellows as well our returning Residents, Fellows, Faculty, and staff.

  • Also, on Thursday, June 30, we will host an in-person GME Orientation Part 2 Luncheon with insurance reps and some of our leadership on Thursday, June 30.  This will take place in the Kennedy Children's Hospital Outpatient Center (CHOC) Pierce Conference Room (1st floor of that building).  Your departments may have activities on both days after our GME activities are completed. 

We thank you for all the work you will be doing during April and May to be prepared and ready to begin this next step in your GME training.  


All incoming residents and fellows must:

  1. Give permission for and pass a Criminal Background Check (online) through a third party company called the "Cora Croup."
  2. Pass a drug screen, mask fit test, 2-TB skin tests, and immunization screening (including necessary titers and immunizations) performed by the Erlanger Employee Health arm of Erlanger Express Care.  Erlanger Health System, your primary clinical training site and our major affiliated partner, requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination (or a request for medical or religious exemption).  Male residents and fellows must be clean- or close-shaved\n in order that the respirator will be able to seal for the OSHA-required mask fit test which would be used in negative pressure patient rooms.
  3. Document a physical exam conducted since January 2022, and have a health statement form stating that the resident/fellow is physically and mentally fit to begin duty in our residency program. The form must be signed by a U.S. licensed physician.  Residents or Fellows may not conduct and sign the physical exam/health statement form for one another.  If you do not have a primary care physician and cannot get the physical exam done prior to July 1, you will be able to contact Erlanger Express Care to schedule a physical exam earlier this upcoming Spring (at your own cost: $65). 
  4. You can begin scheduling appointments for your pre-employment drug screen, mask fit-tests, TB skin tests, and immunization screening, as well as physical exams if you cannot get one otherwise as early as May 1, 2022.

You will receive emails to log into our secure, web-based Residency Management Information system (New Innovations) and complete several onboarding checklists and upload required documents during the next few months.  You must complete all checklists and upload all required documentation by June 10, 2022 in order to be eligible for the GME Orientation and Electronic Communication Stipends on your July 2022 paycheck on the last working day of the month.  In addition, you must also attend all required certification training, Department Orientation Sessions, and GME Institutional Orientations Sessions in order to receive those Orientation Stipends as well.

Everyone is working to find creative ways to meet our requirements and ensure a smooth transition to your residency and fellowship programs. We will keep you posted about changes.

Other Key Points to Remember:

You will be an employee of the University of Tennessee and not our affiliated hospital, Erlanger.  Please be aware that your first official day of residency/fellowship training will be Friday, July 1, 2022, unless you have already been given a later start date by your Program Director.   Fellows in Cardiology, Emergency Medical Services, and Gastroenterology start on July 1, 2022.  Surgical Fellows, including Colon and Rectal Surgery, Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery, and Vascular Surgery, have a start date of August 1, 2022.  

Life support certification: Depending on your specialty, you will need to obtain BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, ALSO, and/or ATLS certification before you officially begin your residency or fellowship on July 1. If you can obtain the required certifications prior to July 1 at your medical school or current training program, you will just need to send the GME Office a copy of your certification cards denoting dates of certification. 

If you cannot obtain certifications on your own, you will need to participate in online training for Part 1 of each course and then required Part 2 in-person sessions and skills tests in Chattanooga the last two weeks of June.

Please let us know if there is anything else with which we can assist you.  Welcome to Chattanooga, UT, and Erlanger!

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Photo ID Badge from Erlanger and Orientation

Although your individual programs may have additional sessions such as Boot Camps and Critical Care Orientation (e.g., Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine), we have designated Monday and Tuesday, June 27 and 28 for department and/or program orientation sessions.  You will be contacted by your Program Coordinator with details.

The GME Office hosted an in-person GME Orientation on Thursday, June 23, 2022, 8:30 - 11:30 am in Probasco Auditorium (Erlanger Medical Mall, Ground Floor near the C Elevators).  Residents were asked to bring laptops and mobile devices with them to establish connection to the Erlanger Physician Network and hopefully set up their Concur Travel accounts with appropriate delegates in accordance with University Policies.

As you begin residency and fellowship training in Chattanooga, you will be issued a photo ID badge by our hospital's Human Resources Department.  We will use the photos that you provide us (*.jpeg or *.png format, color head shot) for your official ID.  The badge will be set up as a proxy badge for entry into all Erlanger buildings, and doors to which you will need access during your GME training.  Your proxy badge will provide access to parking on the upper 2 levels of the main Erlanger Parking Garage off Central Avenue. 

We have secured a professional photographer to take your official photos in the UT Computer Classroom (Whitehall Building, Suite 108, near the Dean's Office and GME Office) on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 from 9 am - 2 pm.  You will receive your monogrammed lab coats just before your photos. 

That same day, a group of Erlanger eChart IT staff  will also be in the Classroom to get you set up with 2 Factor authentication (including thumb print ID) for ePrescribing via the Imprivata App -- all before you actually begin clinical duties on Friday, July 1, 2022.

The IT staff can assist you ensuring that you can access your Erlanger network and email accounts as well as Bitglass and Mobile Pass for two-factor authentication for your personal cell phones.

Also on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, the GME Office will distribute the badges and badge reels, badge buddies, meal cards, N95 masks, and protective eye goggles.

We will host a GME Orientation luncheon (food sponsored by Hildreth Insurance) on Thursday, June 30, 2022 from Noon - 2 pm in the Kennedy Children's Hospital Outpatient Center, Pierce Conference Room on the 1st floor).  Incoming Residents and Fellows will meet the Dean and our DIO, as well as have an opportunity to ask our insurance representatives any questions about Health, EAP, Vision, Disability, and Life Insurance. We will end with some final words about GME policies and procedures and sharing what you can expect on your first day of official duty -- Fri, June 30th -- at whatever time your Program Director asks you to report!

We're excited -- and we look forward to setting you up for success in our GME Programs.  See you soon!


Jun 29, 2022