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UT GME Insurance

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Residents are required while in training at the University of Tennessee to be enrolled in a health insurance plan.

Residents pay for approximately 20% of the cost and UT pays for the other 80%.  Learn more about the Resident GME Insurance Benefits (GME Policy #230).

UT GME Resident Health, Vision, Dental Rates for 2023-2024
(as of July 1, 2023)

Type Total Monthly Cost Employee Monthly Contribution Employer Monthly Contribution Employee %
Employee $    661.63 $    125.00 $     506.63 20%
Employee and Spouse $ 1,261.95 $    250.00 $   1,011.95 20%
Employee and Child(ren) $ 1,118.27 $    225.00 $      893.27 20%
Family $ 1,610.74 $    350.00 $   1,399.87 20%

The plan through the GME Office is available for Residents to sign up at the start of their training and to alter their coverage throughout the year with a life changing event such as marriage or birth of a child. 

UT GME Health, Dental, and Vision Plan Overview

Benefit Summaries for 2023-2024:
CIGNA Health and Prescription Insurance Summary  |  CIGNA Dental Insurance Summary  |  CIGNA Vision Insurance Summary

  • The coverage change is effective on the date of the change, i.e., date of birth or marriage.
  • The deduction is retroactive to the 1st of the month if before the 16th or the following month if after the 15th.

For information regarding the UT GME group insurance policy, you may contact the Holland Insurance Agency at 6820 Cobblestone Blvd Suite 3, Southaven, MS 38672 or call toll free at 888.393.9500.  Ask for Meagan Sneed ( or Gerald (Jerry) Holland, Jr. (, if you have questions.  Representatives will be at UT GME Orientation in Chattanooga for our luncheon on Thu, June 29, 2023, to distribute packets, temporary insurance ID cards, and answer questions.


All GME Residents and Fellows are automatically eligible. 

Open Enrollment

GME currently allows open enrollment to be effective the 1st of the following month throughout the year for a non-life changing event.

For current GME residents/fellows - to make basic changes to your existing account, go to BerniePortal.

Employee code logins:

  • 2 digit code: 2 digit birth month
  • 4 digit code: last 4 social
  • employer code: 656612

Starting Coverage

To start coverage, email with your name and program. You will then be emailed login instructions once you are loaded into BerniePortal.

Finding a Primary Care Physician (PCP)  

Go to  Click find a Doctor.  Click covered through employer.  Enter Zip code.  Search for Doctor by type, health facility, etc.  Select CIGNA HealthCare Seamless Network - Tennessee POS .

Changing Coverage

To add or subtract dependents, email that you need your BerniePortal unlocked for a qualifying event.  The GME Financial Specialist, Ms. Jacqueline Hogan, will then unlock your account and notify you by email. You can then make the changes by logging into BerniePortal.

Canceling Coverage

Canceling health insurance coverage will be effective the 1st of the following month 

Changes, including canceling coverage, cannot be made retroactively.

If you are not terminating from the GME Programs, you cannot terminate the UT GME Health Insurance unless you can provide proof of coverage via another policy.

Life Insurance

The Basic Group Life Insurance Benefit issued through Hartford is $100,000.  The premium is $ 4.40 per month and is paid via your UT Payroll deduction.

Disability Insurance

All UT GME Residents and Fellows are provided Long Term Disability Insurance via a new policy effective July 1, 2023 -- Unum Disability Insurance.  All UT GME Residents and Fellows must enroll for at least the minimal benefit available ($1500 per month), but may also elect greater monthly benefit levels of $2500, $4000, or $5000."  Benefits are payable after 90 days of disability and may continue to age 65 years.  Hildreth Insurance Agency in Knoxville serves as a agency to manage the GME Disability Insurance:

  • Agents:  John Hildreth, CLU; and Heath Hildreth, GBDS
  • Phone: 800.874.0831
  • email: 
  • Website: 
  • Coverage begins on the first day of GME training with the UT College of Medicine - Chattanooga as long as enrollment forms have been submitted.  Changes to your disability policy deductions will be effective the first of the following month.

Flexible Benefits Plan

Residents are eligible to participate in the health expense and child care expense of the UTHSC flexible benefits program.

Leave Without Pay

  • When a Resident is on leave without pay for any reason other than FMLA, the resident is responsible for the entire portion of the health insurance cost.
  • Residents will be required to pay the employer portion of the health insurance prior to going on leave without pay unless it is an emergency.
  • The employee portion will be deducted from their next paycheck.


Residents are eligible for COBRA coverage when they terminate from the University; the insurance carrier will mail you enrollment forms, and you will pay them directly.

May 12, 2023