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GME Policies, Forms, Institutional Series, and Resources

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Questions about UT College of Medicine Chattanooga Institutional Policies and Procedures should be addressed with the Office of Graduate and Medical Student Education.

Kimberly Judd, MsEd, C-TAGME
GME Lead Coordinator
phone: 423.778.3894

Pamela D. Scott (Pam), C-TAGME
Director, Graduate and Medical Student Education
phone: 423.778.7442 or 423.778.7673

CLER Work Group Members:

  • Dr. Robert  Fore - Chair
  • Elizabeth Appling
  • Dr. Jefffrey Bennett
  • Dr. Curtis Cary
  • William Crowe
  • Dr. Heath Giles
  • Rachel Harris
  • Kimberly Judd
  • Dr. Alan Kohrt
  • Dr. Suadave Mendiratta
  • Dr. Henry Okafor
  • Paul O'Quinn
  • Dr. Mukta Panda
  • Pam Scott
  • Dr. Scott Steinmann
  • Dr. Jarle Stone
  • Dr. Robert Zylstra

CLER Work Group Resident/Fellow Representatives:

  • Dr. Jennifer Brouner
  • Dr. Kelsey Chason
  • Dr. Luis Colon
  • Dr. Fernando Domingo
  • Dr. Benjamin Emery
  • Dr. Marc Erickson
  • Dr. Nadia Froehling
  • Dr. Julia Groce
  • Dr. Dresden Melton Soderstrom
  • Dr. Michael Palmeri
  • Dr. David Thompson
  • Dr. Tyler Ward
  • Dr. Ethan White
  • Dr. Stephanie Willer 


Last Published: Mar 2, 2021