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GME Advocate/Counselor - Chattanooga Campus

Help is within reach

The UT College of Medicine - Chattanooga is working to recruit a full-time GME Advocate and Counselor position as part of our overall well-being initiatives and based in the GME and Deans Offices.  The Counselor will provide counseling for a variety of issues to medical students, residents, fellows, faculty and UT administrative staff (outside the Dean's office).  We anticipate that we will have someone in the position by the first of 2023. 

Services will include counseling for treatment of trauma, anxiety, anger, depression, relaxation, and stress management.  The Counselor will be available for individual meetings, group meetings, and didactics. Once we secure the Counselor, departments and individuals will be able to contact the Counselor and  arrange appointments and activities with her/him based on individual and department needs. 

We will post contact information on this page once the Counselor is in place.  All communication will be directly with the Counselor and not through any administrative staff.  It will remain confidential and will be handled with the utmost respect for privacy.

The phone number for the Counselor will be 423.778.9420. Individual sessions will be held in a separate, identified space to ensure privacy.

Especially until our Counselor is on board and if your situation is a crisis or emergency, please consider the following immediate resources:

  • TN Statewide Crisis Phone Line -- If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, talk to a trained crisis specialist in your area. Call 855.CRISIS1, 855.274.7471
  • Erlanger Security:  423.778.6911
  • Chattanooga Police Department:  911
  • Chat with a crisis counselor through
  • 24/7 Resident Assistance Program through CIGNA, 877.622.4367 or, Employer ID: UTGME
  • CIGNA Resident Assistance Program:
  • 24/7 Student Assistance Program 800.327-2255 (ENI NexGen Total Well-Being Program)
  • Text Messaging behavioral support line.  Text START, HOME, or TALK to 741741,
  • National HopeLine Network 800.442.HOPE
  • 24/7 Tennessee Medical Foundation Physician Health Program 615.467.6411
  • 24/7 LifeBridge Chattanooga Physician Well-Being Initiative 423.591.9830, 

The GME Counselor should be available to provide presentations on varying topics based on your department needs. Based on his/her experience and feedback from the departments, we have created a list of subjects. The list below is not exhaustive so please let us know if there is interest in additional topics. To schedule a presentation for your department, you will be encouraged to reach out to the Counselor directly.

  1. Self-Awareness and Self-Care
  2. Time management and organization skills
  3. Nurturing Social Support Networks
  4. Self-Care 101
  5. Trauma 101
  6. Work Life Harmony
  7. Managing Family Issues
  8. Impulse Control and Anger Management
  9. Communication and Conflict Management
  10. Coping Skills - 101
  11. Navigating Stress
  12. Women in Professionally Demanding Careers
  13. Boundaries
  14. Nervous System Regulation Techniques
  15. Anger Management
  16. Grief
Oct 20, 2022