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Student Right to Know and Consumer Information

In compliance with Title IV and other Federal and State disclosure laws, below is a list of consumer information that is available and links to directly access the information. Prospective and current students may contact the respective office or the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for assistance in obtaining the information.

General Information


Campus Facilities

Facilities Services Department

Distance Learning-State Authorizations

Please refer to the State Regulatory Authorizations information from the University of Tennessee.

Faculty and Instructional Personnel

Professional Program Accreditations at UTHSC

Enrollment and Registrar

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Financial Aid

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Services for Students with Disabilities

The Student Academic Support Services (SASS) Office provides information on accommodations for students with disabilities. To find out more about services for students with disabilities, please visit the Student Academic Support Services webpage.

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Campus Safety

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Policy on a Drug Free Campus & Workplace

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Peer to Peer File Sharing

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Underage Drinking and Associated Responsibilities

  • Student Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • The Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation regarding underage drinking and associated responsibilities. The law prohibits any resident, owner, or occupant of property (the social host) from allowing an underage adult to consume alcohol on such property. The legislation defines "underage adults" as those individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age but less than twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • A resident may face criminal prosecution and University sanction if an underage adult consumes alcohol on his or her property which includes, but is not limited to, a residence hall room or apartment, fraternity or sorority affiliated housing, an off-campus house or apartment, or any other property owned or occupied by the individual.

Procedure for Handling Complaints at the Campus Level

As part of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center compliance with accreditation standards, we provide students with an avenue for resolving complaints.

Procedure for Handling Complaints Not Resolved at the Campus Level

As part of the University of Tennessee's compliance with the US Department of Education Program Integrity Rules process, we are required to provide students with an avenue for resolving complaints.

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Equity and Diversity

Last Published: Apr 24, 2019