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Office of Cybersecurity

SPAR - Security Preparedness and Response

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Each year, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a national public awareness effort increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowers the American public to be safer and more secure online. Every year, UTHSC is a champion for this cause. The Office of Cybersecurity will be engaging in weekly seminars discussing specific security topics. Also during October, our entire campus community is welcome to join us in the 2nd Annual Cybersecurity Scavenger Hunt to earn some fabulous prizes. All information about these activities can be found on the Cybersecurity Awareness Month webpage.

The Office of Cybersecurity serves as fundamental technical safeguard for UTHSC. We promote an environment of great ethical standards and observe numerous regulatory risks by:

  • Advancing effective ways to prevent security risk through collaboration
  • Educating employees and the student body about information security
  • Identifying security risks faced by the University.
  • Encouraging an ethical environment that encourages information security preventions
  • Promoting awareness of information security through outreaching events
  • Effective training in the numerous areas of information security
  • Providing a workplace that enables employees to participate in the compliance program without fear of retribution.

Our Team

Dennis Leber, PhD
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, HIPAA Security Officer

Cybersecurity Operations

Information Security

Ammar Ammar
Director, Deputy CISO

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Justin Self
Cybersecurity Analyst

Patch Management and Security Operations

Sarah Johnsen-Self
Cybersecurity Analyst

Dustin Fehnel
Cybersecurity Analyst

Will Irby
Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity Governance

Risk Management, Audit, and Outreach Management

Chris Madeksho
Lead Cybersecurity Analyst

Dan Fast
Security Architect


Last Published: Sep 24, 2021