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Cybersecurity Awareness Month

It's All Fun & Games Until It's Not!

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Cybersecurity Scavenger Hunt

Come join the Office of Cybersecurity during Cybersecurity Awareness Month to answer these sixteen (16) questions that will help you #BeCyberSmart. Answers to these questions can either be found on our own webpages or the internet. Each question has a clue to lead you in the right direction.

Yes, this is almost the same hunt as last year, and there are no prizes this year, but it still all fun and games (until you are hacked!). The hunt begins here!


Games, Games, and More Games

Have you ever played Wordle? We developed a cybersecurity version of the popular word guessing game. Every few days, we'll put a link in the Daily Digest for a new word to guess. Worried you might miss a chance to play?  We'll keep the links up here all month. 

Wordle - Date


Links to Play

October 4 an update or to address a vulnerability
October 6 be cautious about doing this with emails
October 11 to cause damage to data and software
October 13 what you do to unwanted calls or other communications
October 18 possibility of failure, danger, or loss
October 20 hacker's crime that steals your information
October 25 pretend to be something or someone you are not, such as faking an email address
October 27 notification that something, often an attack or vulnerability, has been detected


There are quite a few web-based games that deal with different cybersecurity topics. Every few days, we'll post a link to a new game for you to test your cybersecurity knowledge.

Online Cybersecurity Games
Links to Play
October 5 - Cybersecurity Trivia Twirl
October 12 - Cybersecurity: Tormorrow's Internet
October 19 - Targeted Attacks
October 26 - The Weakest Ling


Weekly Cybersecurity Tips

Every Friday, daily cybersecurity tips are provided through the daily digest, on the news server, and archived on our site.

Oct 27, 2022