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Business Productivity Solutions

Our next Lean 6 Sigma training will begin in August 2019.  Contact us today to register or suggest a project

Team Mission

To support the UTHSC Strategic Plan by providing the university with professional technology development opportunities and support in Lean 6 Sigma and business productivity tools, with the goal of investing in our people and creating a culture of continuous process improvement to strengthen the campus’s organizational effectiveness, adaptability and excellence.

Principles of Excellence

  • To provide value to our customers every day.
  • To provide training and support on business productivity tools and techniques to help our campus grow stronger, to be more efficient in all we do, and to create a culture of continuous process improvement.
  • To empower our people and build leaders to collaborate and to make decisions that benefit the university community.
  • To support the financial investment the university has made in business productivity tools by providing excellent training and support to the campus community.

Last Published: Jun 27, 2019