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Current Projects

Project Name Area Progress/Status
One Account Sponsored Programs Define Measure Analyze Improve Control EVC Review
Front Office Administration Forensics Define Measure Analyze Improve Control EVC Review
Central Supply Controls over Custodial Supply Spend Facilities Define Measure Analyze Improve Control EVC Review
Life Cycle of NetID and O365 - Friend Accounts ITS Define Measure Analyze Improve  Control EVC Review
Electrical Service Levels (Green Belt Project) Lean Coaches/Facilities Define Measure  Analyze Improve   Control EVC Review
Clinical Trial Agreement Process Sponsored Programs  On Hold

Current Lean Workouts!

Unlike projects, workouts are a structured way to bring people together for a short-period of time to make rapid, lasting improvements to an existing process.

Workout Name Area  Waiting Queue  Planning Scheduled In Progress Review EVC Report
COM & OSP Grants COM & OSP           checkmark  
IRB IRB checkmark            
UTROP Clinical Faculty Hiring UTROP           checkmark  
Autopsy Forensics             checkmark
eMedley Implimentation     checkmark          
Psychiatry Case Mgmt Psychiatry         checkmark    
Wraparound Shelby County Database Psychiatry         checkmark    
ASP 3+1   checkmark            
Document Storage   checkmark            
Retiree Software   checkmark            

Completed Projects

Project Name Completed Area
Life Cycle of NetID and O365 - Retiree Email 12/31/19 HR/ITS/Retiree Association
Pager Management 10/17/19 ITS
Respiratory Protection Compliance 10/15/19 UHS/Research Safety/Campus Safety
Mouse Box Change Efficiency 08/30/19 LACU
FootPrints and Compco 08/23/19 ITS
IRIS Data Standards and Guidelines 07/25/19 ITS/HR/Payroll
UTHSC Project Planning 08/13/19 Facilities/ITS
COM/UCH Clinical Faculty Onboarding 04/29/19 College of Medicine
Retiree Employee Emails 04/22/19 ITS and HR
Enterprise Solution Management 03/25/19 ITS
Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade 03/21/19 ITS
ITS Onboarding 01/08/19 ITS
Archibus 12/18/18 Facilities
Multiple NetIDs 10/25/18 ITS
Purchasing IT Services & Systems 07/31/18 ITS
Password Reset 07/22/18 ITS

Completed Lean Workouts!

Workout Name Area
COM Scholars COM
Ordering Supplies & Inventory Management Forensics
Banner INB Access Review ITS, Student Affairs, and Bursar
Life of a Case File Forensics
Subpoena Process Forensics
Histology Forensics
Phone Tree Forensics
May 7, 2024