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  • New to Campus? It's the first of the fiscal and school year, which means we have new people on campus! Learn everything you need to know about UTHSC technology in the TechConnect New to Campus category.
  • Make Sure Your Phone Number Is Accurate in the Directory & IRIS Make your RingCentral move go smoothly by making sure your work phone number is correct through the Updating Your Work and Personal Information webpage.
  • Campus Dialing We're replacing our antiquated phone system with a new VoIP (Voice Over IP) system called RingCentral. Until everyone is on RingCentral, when calling someone on campus if you are not on RingCentral, dial 9, then the full 10-digit number (e.g. 9+ 901.448.####). If you are on RingCentral, use Contacts or dial the 10-digit number.
  • Let that Old Technology Go Free up space in your office – and on your department’s inventory list – by sending that old technology packing. Contact your department’s business manager or visit the Surplus Equipment webpage for more details.
  • Don't Doodle Around! Keep your computer and data safe by using FindTime, Bookings, or Scheduling Assistant instead of Doodle for meetings and appointments.
  • Dreaming of a Password that Never Expires? It's possible! Under the Non-Expiring Password Policy, change your password to 12 or more characters and your password never expires.

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Current Issue - 10/18/22

  1. Cybersecurity Awareness Month
  2. Remember - SSO is the Way to Go (with Zoom, that is)!
  3. TechConnect's One-Year Celebration
  4. How to Block Spam Calls
  5. ArcGIS from ESRI
  6. Upcoming Microsoft Training
  7. 10 Best Excel Tips for Beginners
  8. Outlook’s Delay Delivery/Send Later Option
  9. Tricking Consumers – How Scammers Are Getting More Sophisticated
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Oct 24, 2022