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Service Desk

  • New Service Desk ID Check Process: The Service desk may now ask users to confirm their identity via Duo push. Users with a Duo fob must provide the serial number.
  • RingCentral Desk Phones: A new policy requires RingCentral users to pay for a desk phone and installation. Request a Desk Phone.
  • AI Tools for the Campus: Campus users now have access to two chat-based, AI-powered platforms, UT Verse and Copilot.
  • Keep Zoom Up to Date! Zoom has a policy that requires a new minimum version every three months. Learn how to update with our Zoom: Check Your Version article so you don't miss a meeting!
  • New to Campus? If you are new to campus or have new employees, learn about UT Health Science Center technology in the TechConnect New to Campus category.
  • Campus Dialing: We're replacing our antiquated phone system with a new VoIP (Voice Over IP) system called RingCentral. Until everyone is on RingCentral, when calling someone on campus if you are not on RingCentral, dial 9, then the full 10-digit number (e.g., 9+ 901.448.####). If you are on RingCentral, use Contacts or dial the 10-digit number.
  • Let that Old Technology Go: Free up space in your office – and on your department’s inventory list – by sending that old technology packing. Contact your department’s business manager or visit the Surplus Equipment webpage for more details.
  • Dreaming of a Password that Never Expires? It's possible! Under the Non-Expiring Password Policy, change your password to 12 or more characters, which never expires.
May 10, 2024