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How to Access Training

Information Security Training is a series of audiovisual modules, each followed by a three-question quiz. This training is designed to help our campus community understand their responsibilities in a variety of information security areas, such as protecting ePHI and other confidential data, awareness of phishing schemes, safeguarding passwords, and practicing general computing safety.

New Employees

New employees must complete security training before network access is granted.

  1. Log in to Blackboard with your NetID and password.
  2. Click the Information Security Training - New Hires course link.
  3. Complete the modules, and then click on the “Training Complete” tab at the bottom of the screen. It will direct you to a webpage to verify your grades for the modules and give instructions on how to access the network.

If you have completed security training at another UT institution this year and can provide proof of training, you will be exempt until next year's training.

Current Faculty and Staff

Every year, faculty and staff must complete the refresher training modules assigned or network access may be restricted.

  1. Log in to Blackboard with your NetID and password.
  2. Click the Information Security Training – Refresher Course for Employees course link.
  3. Complete the modules.

If you do not complete the training by the deadline and your NetID will be suspended. The deadline for the 2018-19 course has not been set, but will be communicated to the campus.

All Students

Each year, current students must complete the refresher training modules assigned.

  1. Log in to Blackboard with your NetID and password.
  2. Click the Information Security Training - Students course link.
  3. Complete the modules.

If you do not complete this training by November 15, 2018, a hold will be placed in Banner. You will not be able to access your grades, register, or request a transcript until the training is completed.

To receive a report of your employees who have or have not completed the training, please log into iLogin. Reports can be found under the Administrator tab, in UTHSC Information Security Training Reports. For additional help, contact the Information Security Coordinator at 901-448-1880. 

Important Information about the Training

You must receive a score of at least 67 points (2 out of 3 correct answers) for each quiz embedded in the learning modules. If you fail a module, you may repeat the test or view the module again until you have a passing score.  You may access your progress and scores using the "Training Scores" menu item. 

Use the Firefox or Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop to access BlackBoard.  Internet Explorer or Edge may not record your score at the end of the module.

If you need assistance in completing your training online or are more comfortable with face-to-face training, contact the Information Security Coordinator at (901) 488-1880 for assistance.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Each October, ITS supports National Cyber Security Awareness Month by hosting various activities.  Learn more about weekly protection themes for both work and home.

Recordings of 2017 presentations:

UTHSC is a National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) Champion. By joining this consortium of government, nonprofit, and academic organizations, we show the University's dedication to the shared responsibility we all have to make the Internet more secure for our students, faculty, staff, and the Mid-South Health Professions Community.  University of Tennessee Health Science Center promotes cyber security utilizing outreaching tactics such as activities and events.

Information Security Training was created to provide UTHSC community members with a solid understanding of the university's information security policies, procedures, and best practices as well as applicable government regulations and laws.

UTHSC is required to provide its users and IT personnel with role-based security training that is planned, implemented, maintained, and accompanied by evaluation per the University of Tennessee policy IT-0123 on security awareness, training, and education.

It is our mission to increase your knowledge and awareness of potential security pitfalls, which in turn will reduce the risk to the university's computing and data resources and help prevent costly, reputation-damaging data breaches. 

Last Published: Mar 18, 2020