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Office of Sponsored Programs

Research is a primary mission of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. The Office of Sponsored Programs provides support for UTHSC faculty and staff (including components at the UT Graduate School of Medicine in Knoxville and the Chattanooga unit of the College of Medicine) in obtaining external funding for research and other sponsored projects, while ensuring compliance with UT policy, sponsor policy, and applicable law.

Whether you are submitting a proposal to develop a diagnostic tool to speed identification of Zika virus, working on a subaward proposal to another institution for a diabetes study, obtaining scientific material from a collaborator, disclosing a new drug compound invented in a UTHSC lab, planning a clinical trial on women's health or smoking cessation, or working on the next medical breakthrough, the staff in the OSP is here to help!



NOTICE: Updates to BioSketch and Other Support Format



NOTICE: GRANTS.GOV AND NIH FORMS-H APPLICATION PACKAGES and NIH are working hard to complete preparations for our transition to FORMS-H application packages. Although we’ll be all set well before our January 25, 2023 due dates, you may see some forms in FORMS-H application packages that still show old expiration dates. For example, the Research & Related or R&R forms managed by may still reflect a 12/31/2022 date although they were recently re-approved by the Office of Management and Budget for continued use. Also, the Public Health Services (PHS) application forms NIH updated to support the data sharing policy changes may still reflect the 09/30/2024 expiration date of their predecessors.  Don’t worry. Just choose the correct form set for your due date – FORMS-G for due dates on/before January 24, 2023 and FORMS-H for due dates on/after January 25, 2023 - NIH will take care of the rest.

Effective January 1, 2023,

the salary limitation for Executive Level II is increased to $212,100 from the previous limit of $203,700. The full NIH notice NOT-OD-23-056 may be found on the Guidance on Salary Limitation for Grants and Cooperative Agreements FY 2023 page.

Please apply the new salary cap for upcoming NIH proposals and for agencies utilizing the Executive Level II salary cap.


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Cayuse 424 and SP is the user-friendly electronic routing system and database used to route all grant proposals and sponsored project agreements for UTHSC approvals.



Jan 17, 2023