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GME Exposures (e.g., Needlesticks) and State Workers Comp Procedures

As a UT GME Resident or Fellow, if you are injured while on the job, e.g., needle stick or exposed to blood/body fluid, etc.), you will need to report the injury or exposure to both the hospital (typically Erlanger, our primary clinical training site) and the GME Office so we can assist in reporting the injury to the State of Tennessee Workers Compensation provider, CorVel.

  1. First, contact the nurse supervisor at the hospital and have him/her complete a report with details regarding the injury or exposure.  This should include where, when, what, how, and the exact part of the body that was injured (i.e. left ring finger).

  2. If you require further medical treatment beyond first aid, you need to contact your Program Coordinator so she can also inform your Program Director, AND the GME Office IMMEDIATELY to let them know.  Please call 423.778.7442 or 423.778.3899 and ask for Jacqueline Hogan, GME Financial Specialist, since she works with CorVel regarding any charges submitted for your care and/or treatment.  You can also email Ms. Hogan at, and she will contact you quickly to guide you through the reporting process.

For #1 above, please follow the GME Policy #748 for Exposure to Blood or Body Fluid including Needle Sticks.  You can click on the first green button on the right-hand side of this page to review the policy and procedure.

For #2 above, please follow the process outlined below and view the Workers Comp reference documents and details via the other buttons on the right-hand side of this page. 

State Workers Comp Procedures for the UT GME Chattanooga Campus
UT Residents are not employee of Erlanger, so they are not covered by the Erlanger Workers Compensation plan.  Instead, they are UT employees so any “on-the-job injury or exposure” must be reported within 24 hours (weekdays) of the event to the State of Tennessee’s Workers Compensation Claims processors (CorVel).  Please follow the procedure below and work with Jacqueline Hogan in the GME Office to initiate a Workers Compensation Claim and file appropriate documentation:

Workers Compensation Claims Process Supervisor-- 

  • Supervisor may call in First Notice of Loss (FNOL) within three days when resident is receiving medical treatment.
  • Contact the CorVel nurse triage line:  1-866-245-8588 option #2
    A departmental fine of $1,000 will be charged each time a claim report is not completed by a supervisor. 

Workers Compensation Claims Process for Residents:

Step 1:  Injured Worker Reports Injury

BEFORE SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT, report the injury to CorVel: 1-866-245-8588, Option 1
This is a 24/7 Nurse Line
The NURSE determines the appropriate level of treatment needed and will direct you to the nearest STATE APPROVED treatment facility
DO NOT go to the doctor before you call CorVel
Step 2:  Inform your Supervisor RIGHT AWAY

Exactly what happened, how it happened, and if CorVel advises you to get medical treatment.
Step 3:  Inform the GME Office WITHIN 24 hours of Injury
   , 423.778.3899

Complete the Incident Report form and return to the GME Office in Suite 104 of the Whitehall Building (fax to 423.778.3673 or scan and email to

Please feel free to contact the GME Office with questions.  Thank you!

Sep 16, 2022