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Updating Your Work and Personal Information

Why Update?

Did you know if you don't regularly review/update your work and personal information:

  • Facilities may not be able to find you when you submit a request for service?
  • Your benefit paperwork may be sent to the wrong home address?
  • You may not get a UTHSC Alert message in the case of an emergency?
I need to update my... How to do it
Emergency contact 
  1. Go to MyUT
  2. Click Employee Self-Service
  3. Click Personal Profile  (either under Most Frequently Used on the right or click the P in the alphabetical listing to see it)
  4. Click the pencil icon in the section to edit.
  5. After edits are complete, click the Save and Back button.
Work phone number
Home address
Home phone number
Phone release status
Work address To check your work address, please visit MyUT.  If you need to update your work address, please complete this form.
Name Complete the Personal Data section of the Personal Data Form and bring it to HR.
Education Complete the Education section of the Personal Data Form and bring it to HR.
Immigration or Resident Status Complete the Residence Status/Immigration Status section of the Personal Data Form and bring it to HR.
Name Coach voice recording
  1. Go to the Blackboard Course Catalog at
  2. Type add/edit Name Coach in the search box and select the Go button.
  3. Select the small arrow to the right of "NC24" and then Enroll.
  4. Select the Submit button.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Once in the Namecoach course, follow the on-screen instructions to record your name.


Mar 1, 2024