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AFSA and ITS Resources

The resources below have been compiled to support students, faculty and staff as we continue in mixed modality teaching, learning and work.

AFSA Services Strategies/Response
Academic Affairs

The offices of Academic Affairs, Institutional Effectiveness, and Instutional Research continue to provide services through Zoom, telephone, and email exchanges. Review of accreditation documents and work with the colleges on new academic program development or academic issues related to professional accreditors, SACSCOC, THEC, or UT System continue.


Through the changing social and health climate in Memphis due to COVID-19, CHIPS remains committed to serving the educational needs of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center through healthcare simulation. CHIPS continues to work closely with faculty to ensure safe delivery of these events. The educational experience is met through any of the following methods:

  • In-Person Activities- CHIPS will work with faculty to offer in-person events when it aligns with the educational objectives. CHIPS requires masks for all participants, regardless of vaccination status. CHIPS Staff will work with faculty to designate room capacity numbers and other limiting factors with the main goal of safety for all participants.
  • Standardized/Simulated Patient Encounters- At this point in the Return-to-Work algorithm, all Standardized/ Simulated Patient (SP) events will remain virtual via telesimulation. For those groups who opt to have learners in-person, CHIPS will work with faculty to help create a hybrid model where learners report to the center in-person to meet with their SP virtually. Alternative educational strategies for physical examination performance will also be discussed with faculty.
  • Virtual Learning Experience- Faculty who choose virtual offerings of their event will work alongside CHIPS Staff to facilitate virtual events, including prebriefing and debriefing.
  • UTHSC Campus Closure- Any scheduled CHIPS educational events that are affected by the campus closing may be rescheduled based on CHIPS calendar availability.
Enrollment Management Staff in the Offices of Admission, Financial Aid, and the Registrar are available to students during normal business hours in person, via email, phone or Zoom. Normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 8 am—5 pm.
Inclustion, Equity and Diversity
  • Complaints can be received via email or US mail.
  • Investigations- interviews can be done via phone conference or Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo or Tango. Any investigation requiring multiple departments to investigate the concern will have a shared Microsoft Teams file; this file may be accessed on a personal computer. Investigation reports can be written on a personal computer and dispersed via email (as usual) or within HR Acuity involving faculty or staff.
  • TALEO– all transactions (i.e., position reviews; oversight; approvals; search committee charges) can be performed remotely and securely via personal computer.
  • Accommodations– any warranted requests may be formalized via submission of official UTHSC forms, and the interactive process meetings may be scheduled via telephone or Zoom.
  • Monthly celebrations will be cancelled.
Faculty Affairs
  • Annual Performance and Planning Review – APPR requires completion by March 31 each year.The entire process is conducted within Digital Measures  using the Workflow process. We monitor completion of the APPR in Digital Measures.
  • Promotion and Tenure – The college provides documents to Faculty Affairs for processing. Any questions will be addressed to the colleges via email or phone, as usual.
  • Digital Measures –The Digital Measures team functions well with Zoom. Currently, annual reviews take place in Digital Measures. All profiles are accessed and supported remotely.
  • Post-Tenure Review – The PTR cycle begins in January, with the selection for PTR participants to occur at the March  Faculty Affairs Work Group meeting. Orienting webinars for tenured faculty and department chairs as well as subsequent webinars for faculty selected for PTR are conducted via Zoom. We provide ongoing support via email and Zoom.
  • Faculty processing – This process is critical to ensure new faculty or faculty with changes in assignment get paid. All faculty processing documents are initiated electronically and procedures are in place to acquire administrative signatures either electronically or manually.
GEB Services GEB staff are scheduling on-campus classes, laboratories, and examinations.  COVID protocols regarding social distancing and wearing masks are being followed.  Because of the need to maintain social distancing, all classes which do not have special dispensation, will be scheduled at 50% room capacity.
Student Success
  • Student conduct issues requiring investigations will be handled via in-person or online interviews.
  • Parking appeals are handled online.
  • Campus tours are in-person on regularly scheduled dates and by appointment.
  • Student activities will be modified to adhere to campus health and safety guidelines
  • SGAEC will meet via Zoom and in person.
  • Any lecture or programming requests for the QEP will be delivered in person or via remote delivery as appropriate for the course.
Health Sciences Library

The UTHSC Health Sciences Library will be open 24 hours, seven days a week. The Library will continue to operate in accordance with the Campus Covid Guidelines.

International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs is available to assist you virtually or in person. You can reach us by email, by phone, or we can easily set up a meeting via Zoom or MS Teams at your convenience. OIA remains available to set up appointments for an in-person meeting outside our walk-in hours. Please email or call us to schedule such a meeting.

Office Hours for Walk-In Visitors

Monday: 9 am – 1 pm
Thursday: 12 noon – 4 pm

Call International Affairs: 901.448.8484, Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Book a Virtual Meeting with International Affairs

Information Technology Services

ITS lists of technology resources, software, and services to help you work no matter where your "office" is.

Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion
  • Appointments can be made online or via email. In addition to online scheduling, appointments can also be scheduled by calling SASSI at 901.448.5056 between 8:00 am — 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Education Specialists, Counselors and the Disability Coordinator can meet with students in person or via email, phone or Zoom.
  • To support students after business hours, students have access to the after-hours mental health emergency counseling line at 901-690-CARE.
  • Students have access to learning resources on the SASSI webpage, including information on learning strategies, time management, test taking skills, study strategies, board preparation, and more.
  • SASSI will continue to send emails to student listservs, class presidents, etc. as needed.
  • Group tutoring will be offered remotely through Zoom.
  • Accommodation Request Forms and Additional Request Forms can be accessed on our webpage, filled out electronically, and submitted by email to SASSI or the Disability Coordinator.
Teaching and Learning Center TLC staff are available at 920 Madison, Suite 424 in Memphis from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm (Central) Monday through Friday. They are also available to meet remotely via email, phone, or Zoom. Call 901.448.1218, send email to, or request a consultation.
Aug 14, 2023