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Virtual Clinical Education

Virtual education resources offer alternative immersive and interactive learning experiences. CHIPS also has additional simulation case resources.

 Virtual Resources Virtual Resource Descriptions
4D Anatomy

Virtual dissection software platform.


Lt is an online learning platform with ready-to-use content for physiology, anatomy, biology, nursing, and medicine. Lt has over 360 interactive and fully-customizable life science lessons and labs that are perfect for remote learning.


Aquifer is a unique mission-driven non-profit organization dedicated to delivering the best health care education through collaborative development and research into innovative, highimpact virtual teaching and learning methods.

Association for American Medical Colleges I-Collaborative

An extensive list of teaching and learning clinical education resources.

Body Interact

Body Interact is a virtual clinical education platform Currently there is a free COVID-19 patient case. 

Can Sim

Virtual Simulation Games for Pre-simulation Preparation Series. These short VSGs were developed by Ontario nurse educators which align with full in-person peer-reviewed scenarios.

Healthcare Learning Innovations

Populated with virtual communities that elevate learning to an interactive, immersive experience. Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town® virtual nursing simulations cultivate nursing skills and inspire critical thinking.


Virtual, interactive cases for physical assessment, diagnostic skill training with LMS platform.

Montgomery College Nursing Simulation Library

Nursing Simulation Library with pre-recorded simulations. Each simulation scenario has a PDF link with guided reflection/debriefing questions.

My Dispense

Virtual practice environment for teaching safe medication dispensing for Pharmacy Education.

Nurse Think

Nurse Tim Virtual Clinical Scenarios.

Oxford Medical Simulation

Virtual Reality Simulation site with cases for multiple types of disciplines.

Open Pediatrics

Click on “Courses Free Self-Paced Training.” Students and Faculty can register for a free account. Courses available from 30 minutes to 15 hours. Required coursework and certificates available to validate.

PCS Patient Simulation

This application emphasizes health provider communication training set in virtual reality or as a telehealth simulation experience using a digital standardized patient. Also includes a free COVID-19 patient case. 

Ryerson University Digital Educaion Strategies 

Free Virtual Scenarios for the following: Emergency, Pediatrics, Maternal and Child, Mental Health

Shadow Health Digital Experience

Shadow Health's Digital Clinical Experiences allow students in a variety of programs and expertise levels to practice the skills they need to care for their patients in a safe and standardized environment available 24/7.

SimPHARM Web-based pharmacology and interprofessional simulation training designed to take case-based learning out of the classroom and into online and distance learning platforms.
Simucase Virtual platform that allows users to observe, assess, diagnose, and provide intervention for virtual patients. Users can master specific clinical skills, meet and evaluate clinical competencies, and practice interprofessional collaboration via simulation, part-task trainers, and a knowledge bank with quizzes (coming soon!). Currently has content for Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, and Occupational Therapy. Content on Physical Therapy in process.

Online Ultrasound training resources


Virtual Poverty Simulation

Turbulent Sky

This virtual disaster management community provides scenarios involving client/community/organizational issues focused on the disaster management process.

vSim for Nursing

Frequent educator webinars are available.

Mar 21, 2023