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TLC Launch and Learn

Faculty Thriving with Technology Learning Series

Harnessing technology to launch forward…empowered to excel.

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) will offer “Launch and Learn,” a new faculty learning experience beginning this fall 2018. The lunchtime opportunity is a three-part series of faculty-facilitated discussions around Professional, Personal, and Pedagogical themes.

The goal of the series is to foster a culture of teaching and learning excellence by providing an informal environment for faculty to:

  1. Share instructional innovations, pedagogic strategies, and skills-building practices supported by technologies.
  2. Discover technologies that facilitate professional growth by providing collegial networks, aiding research efficiency, and increasing awareness.
  3. Learn about effective practices and emerging technologies that support interpersonal skills and personal progression.   

Sessions are facilitated by UTHSC faculty who will share their expertise and experiences with technologies across a broad spectrum of faculty teaching and development activities to help support similar efforts by their campus peers.

Professional themed sessions are intended to reinforce faculty professional development in leadership, scholarly activity, and research. Topics include publishing articles, peer engagement, conducting research, grant writing, service activity, digital projects, and portfolio development.

Personal themed sessions are aimed to enhance interpersonal and communication skills that lead to growth which positively influences teacher efficacy. Topics include effective presentations, time management, meeting skills, participation in professional development, mentoring, and change management.

Pedagogical themed sessions are designed to inspire teaching and learning innovations that can be implemented across disciplines to promote positive student outcomes. Topics include teaching styles, assessing student learning, motivating learners, instructional strategies, course design, and classroom management.

About the sessions:

These 50-minute sessions are held at noon according to the schedule below. Coffee, tea, and light refreshments provided.

All meetings will be held in Madison 920, 4th floor in Suite 424.

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Fall 2018 Schedule with Themes

Thursday, September 6  
Fridtjof Thomas

Pedagogical Theme

Dr. Fridtjof Thomas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Division of Biostatistics, Department of Preventive Medicine

Promoting high-level comprehension of statistical material by means of a Blackboard wiki

Facilitating high-level comprehension of statistical approaches to data analysis requires student engagement in addition to quizzes and traditional assignments. Blackboard provides a wiki-functionality and students in the statistics course BIOE 868 “Survival Analysis” in the Master of Science in Epidemiology program (Graduate Health Sciences) were asked to jointly compile a wiki that summarizes the covered material and would also provide some useful overview to take away from that course for later use. This seminar details the wiki-approach and the used rubric and elaborates on the experiences from wiki-initiation to grading and extraction of the final wiki. And most importantly, we will elaborate on the question: Did this new wiki-feature add to the learning experience of the students?

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Wednesday, October 3   

Personal Theme

Dr. Rebecca Reynolds, Ed.D.

Professor, Department Chair, Health Professions

Personal grit: coping and surviving technology changes in academia

Dr. Reynolds will share her experiences in surviving changes with technology in program development and changing student populations. She has been teaching online since 1999 when the support we have today was not available. This session will provide an opportunity for the exchange of strategies for coping with change with colleagues. We hope that you come ready to share personal experiences to inspire colleagues. Some of the content Rebecca will share includes: What were your fears and challenges? What steps did you take to prepare for changes? What did you learn from participating in training on your own? In what ways have you grown?

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Tuesday, October 30
shaquita starks

Professional Theme

Dr. Shaquita Starks, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing

"Digitized organization: using EndNote to assemble citations and facilitate efficient health science research"

Scholarship and research are not merely requirements for tenure or promotion. Specifically, health sciences' faculty research can contribute to medical breakthroughs, health policy reform, and curricular changes that benefit a global society. Nonetheless, research is time-consuming and faculty may feel overwhelmed with other duties and fall behind gathering sources. After trying several tools, Dr. Starks adopted EndNote to digitize research collection as well as become a more efficient researcher. In this session, she will share her experience of staying on track by using EndNote to organize and centralize citation collection. The session will also allow you to see EndNote from a faculty perspective and discover how it may help further your research agenda.

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May 26, 2022