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Future Educators Academy


The purpose of this program is to support graduate students and residents across disciplines in becoming effective educators for academic settings. The program consists of two parts: 1) six self-paced, asynchronous medallion courses, and 2) the submission of a capstone project that includes a teaching portfolio and teaching demonstration, both of which are needed for academic job interviews. Graduate students and residents from any college may enroll in the FEA with permission from their advisors. Participants receive hands-on support from TLC consultants during the program. Graduate students who complete the program will also receive a notation on their transcript indicating this accomplishment.


After completing FEA, participants will be able to

  • identify their values, goals, and missions as educators;
  • describe their teaching personas as guided by values, goals, and mission as educators;
  • apply evidence-based teaching practices to classroom and clinical settings;
  • evaluate and create appropriate teaching and assessment strategies in accordance with their disciplines and fields;
  • develop competitive teaching portfolios and teaching demonstrations.


  1. FEA Course & Capstone Project (Teaching Portfolio + Teaching Demo)
    1. Upon enrollment, participants will begin an FEA course that introduces them to academic teaching, prepares them to develop a teaching portfolio, and describes the teaching demonstration they will conduct to exit the program successfully. The teaching portfolio and teaching demonstration are both components graduate students may need when entering the job market.
      1. Teaching Portfolio: The components of the teaching portfolio will be developed throughout the six medallions. These portfolio components include a teaching philosophy, sample syllabus, sample lesson plan, a diversity statement, and faculty development documentation. It also may include honors and recognitions, student feedback, and other relevant professional development.
      2. Teaching Demonstrations: All participants will put together a 20-minute teaching demonstration. This demonstration could be done live and recorded or via Zoom and recorded. The demonstration should include a lesson plan, the lesson itself, a plan for feedback, and a reflection on the demonstration.
  2. Six Medallions
    1. In complement to the FEA Course & Capstone Project, participants will complete a total of six TLC medallions. These medallions are asynchronous and self-paced. During the medallions, participants will meet one-on-one with TLC consultants for support and guidance.
      1. Required Medallions: Craft of Teaching; Inclusive Learning; Teaching with Technology
      2. The students’ college or department will assign two medallions.
      3. The student will select a final medallion to complete.


All graduate students who successfully complete the FEA will receive a transcript notation recognizing their accomplishment. Additionally, participants will receive physical medallions and a placard for display.

Apr 18, 2023