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New Year, New Me

As a UTHSC family, staying connected to each other is more important than ever. With working from home and talking with team members via Zoom, Human Resources has brought a fun and educational team together to share their experiences, stories, and provide advice for others who are facing this new normal.

As we ring in the new year in the midst of a pandemic, we may feel as though our resolutions and goals are not a priority. Still, we free ourselves from what we did not accomplish last year in order to focus on making this year better than ever before, but sticking to those resolutions is hard work. It takes concerted focus and effort to turn resolutions into new habits and make them stick in your organization or personal life.

Making a Career Change

In this session, we will chat with Gabrielle Marshall, HR Associate, and Alisha Boone, Employment Recruitment Manager, to discuss career changes, resume building, job applications and target specific jobs.

Session One Recording

Fitness and Nutrition 

In this session, we will chat with Suzanne Apperson, from the Fitness Center
about Fitness and Nutrition in the new year.

Session Two Recording

Stress Reduction 

In this session, we will chat about the how to manage stress reduction in the new year.

Session Three Recording

Connecting through Hobbies

In this session, we will chat with Allan Landstreet, Retirement Plan Advisor for RetireReady TN and Gina Curry, HR Insurance Coordinator, about Financial wellness, and work life balance.

Session Four Recording


Last Published: Mar 12, 2021