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Link Name College or Unit Primary Department Position Title
Zachry, Anne HCollege of Health ProfessionsOccupational TherapyAssociate Professor
Zurick, Andrew OliverCollege of Medicine - MemphisClinical Medical EducationAssistant Professor
Zbytek, BlazejCollege of Medicine - MemphisPathologyAssistant Professor
Zavala, CarlosCollege of Medicine - MemphisObstetrics & GynecologyInstructor
Ziebarth, David MatthCollege of NursingAdvanced Practice & Doctoral Study ProgrAssistant Professor
Zare, FereshtehCollege of Medicine - MemphisMedical EducationAssociate Professor
Zhou, FumingCollege of Medicine - MemphisPharmacology, Addiction Science, and ToxicologyProfessor
Zafer, GhanyCollege of Medicine - MemphisAnesthesiologyAssistant Professor
Zambetti, Gerard PCollege of Medicine - MemphisMicrobiology, Immunology & BiochemistryProfessor
Zafarullah, HarisCollege of Medicine - MemphisMedicine - Med CardiologyAssistant Professor
Zeman, Herbert DCollege of MedicineBiomed Engineering and ImagingAssociate Professor
Zhang, JieCollege of Medicine - MemphisPathologyAssociate Professor
Zimmerman, JamesCollege of DentistryGeneral DentistryAssistant Professor
Zubkus, John DavidCollege of Medicine - MemphisClinical Medical EducationAssistant Professor
Zurawick, Jason GeorgeCollege of Medicine - ChattanoogaChat PediatricsAssistant Professor
Zeits, Lynn ECollege of MedicineChat Clinical Medical EducationAssistant Professor
Zhang, LingCollege of Medicine - MemphisNeurologyAssistant Professor
Zhu, LiqinCollege of Medicine - MemphisPathologyAssistant Professor
Zachary, Matthew CharltonCollege of Medicine - MemphisAnesthesiologyAssistant Professor
Zaman, Muhammad KCollege of Medicine - MemphisMedicine - Med PulmonaryProfessor
Zeeman, Marthinus TheCollege of Medicine - MemphisFamily Medicine - WestTn Family Practice-MemphisAssistant Professor
Zenker, Mark AndrewCollege of Medicine - MemphisClinical Medical EducationAssistant Professor
Zhorne, MariaCollege of PharmacyClinical Pharmacy & Translational ScienceAssistant Professor
Zajac, NathanCollege of Medicine - MemphisMedicineAssistant Professor
Zalamea, Nia NoelleCollege of MedicineGeneral SurgeryAssistant Professor
Zite, Nikki BCollege of Medicine - KnoxvilleKnox Obstetrics & GynecologyProfessor
Zaveri, Parul GCollege of Medicine - MemphisPediatrics - Peds NeonatologyAssistant Professor
Zinkus, Peter WCollege of Medicine - MemphisPediatricsAssistant Professor
Zhang, QuanCollege of Health ProfessionsRehabilitation SciencesVisiting Scholar
Zhao, QiCollege of Medicine - MemphisPreventive Medicine - Preventive MedicineAssociate Professor
Zhou, QiqiCollege of Medicine - MemphisMedicine - Med GastroenterologyProfessor
Zahr, Rima SCollege of Medicine - MemphisPediatrics - Peds NephrologyAssistant Professor
Zand, RaminCollege of Medicine - MemphisNeurologyClinical Assoc Prof
Zeng, RongCollege of Medicine - KnoxvilleKnox RadiologyAssistant Professor
Zylstra, Robert GCollege of Medicine - ChattanoogaChat Family MedicineProfessor
Zaidi, Syed Junaid AhmedCollege of NursingAdvanced Practice & Doctoral Study ProgrAssistant Professor
Zakharenko, Stanislav SCollege of Medicine - MemphisAnatomy & NeurobiologyProfessor
Zhao, Sophie RuoxiCollege of Medicine - MemphisClinical Medical EducationInstructor
Zhang, WenjingCollege of Medicine - MemphisGenetics, Genomics & InformaticsAssistant Professor
Zhang, YanhuiCollege of DentistryBioscience ResearchAssociate Professor

Last Published: Mar 12, 2021