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Testing Guidelines


  • Students are responsible for scheduling their exams with the student testing center online in RegisterBlast.
    • If a student chooses to take an exam with the class rather than use their testing accommodations in SASSI, the student must notify the Associate Director of Accessibility and Accommodations and complete an “Accommodation Waiver Form” for that particular test.
  • At the beginning of each semester: Students must provide the Associate Director of Accessibility and Accommodations with their exam schedule AND inform their professors and/or course directors that they test in the testing center.
  • Seven to ten days before an exam: Students should schedule their examination time. During heavy test periods, students might need to test on a day/time different from their classmates based on seat availability.
  • Three days before an exam: Students must remind their professors/course directors that they test in the testing center so that an exam is available on the scheduled date of administration.

Materials and Tools

  • Students must lock up their belongings before beginning an exam in the testing center, including ID badges that may contain attached information. Pockets should be emptied of papers, cell phones, smart watches, or any other electronic devices.
    • Only materials the professor has permitted may be taken into the testing room (i.e. scratch paper, calculator).


  • As a tester's exam might not begin at the same time as their class, students are responsible for double checking their test day and start time in RegisterBlast. 
  • Students may need to test at a time that is different from their classmates due to:
    • Limited seating due to heavy test periods.
    • Extended test time that would extend beyond the testing center hours of operation.
  • If a student is scheduled to test during a mandatory lecture or lab, they need to contact the Associate Director of Accessibility and Accommodations for a “Confirmation of Testing” form that they are to provide to their instructor.
  • Students are not allowed to start an exam if more than 15 minutes late without approval from the testing center.


  • Students should make every effort to remain in the testing room throughout the duration of the exam.
  • If snacks and/or drinks are permitted in the testing room, a proctor must check each item prior to the student entering the testing area.

Honor Code

  • The SASSI upholds the Honor Code of each College and maintains an environment of academic integrity.
Apr 12, 2024