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National Distance Learning Week


Thank you for a great 2017!!

Please check back to this page from time-to-time as we upload video archives of this year's presentations.


2017 Calendar of Events

Eight Tips for Addressing Accessibility
Monday, November 6th — 11am-12pm

Presented by: Dr. Catherine Artac

Quality Matters provides an overview of eight steps faculty can take toward making digital content accessible for all users. High-level topics will be discussed, as well as nuts and bolts ideas such as heading levels, alt text, descriptive links, captioning/transcripts, and specific examples. Your takeaways will be both a greater awareness of accessibility issues and a number of practical resources.
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Distance Learning & Technology Resources for Telehealth
Thursday, November 9th — 12pm-1pm

Presented by: Janet Major, Arizona Telemedicine Program

The United States Distance Learning Association will discuss during this webinar an overview on clinical and educational applications in the telehealth world as well as provide some excellent resources for folks who are interested or already producing telehealth events.


Ten Disruptive Technologies & Innovative Applications in Online Learning
Monday, November 6th — 12pm-1pm

Presented by: Dr. Susan Aldridge, President Drexel University Online and Marci Powell, USDLA Chair Emerita and Vice Chair for Global Partnerships

Click here to watch a video recording of this session.

The United States Distance Learning Association will discuss during this webinar ten disruptive technologies and example approaches for designing online open and flexible teaching and learning. Presenters will show these "applications in action".

Join The TLC for a time of networking with UTHSC faculty and to enjoy the webinar. This presentation will cover how to support academic honesty and integrity in fully online classes. We will address why students cheat and how course design, pedagogical techniques, and use of technology can help create a culture of academic honesty.

Creating Significant Learning Experiences
Tuesday, November 7th — 12pm-1pm

Presented by: Dr. Andrea Franks, Associate Professor, COP, Knoxville

In collaboration with the Educators Journal Club, Dr. Franks will overview and discuss integrated course design and share example approaches that result in significant learning.
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Taking a Different Path: Strategies for Personalized Adaptive Teaching and Learning
Friday, November 10th — 11am-12pm

Presented by: Dr. Julie Hinkle, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington, Debbie Kirkley, Instructional Designer - Personalized Adaptive Learning, University of Central Florida,  and Dr. Tammy Muhs, Associate Lecturer, Mathematics Department, University of Central Florida

Adaptive Learning is an alternative approach to course design. This EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative webinar will explore personalized adaptive learning where the student progresses through a distinct path and learning experience. A math pathway program and a nursing pathophysiology course from the University of Central Florida will be highlighted and discussed.

Quality Matters Virtual Workshops

Creating Accessible Word Documents
(PC users only)
Tuesday, November 7th — 10am-11am

This virtual workshop will cover how to update/create a word document that addresses best practice and accessibility issues including, styles, alternative text, table formatting, and more. You will learn how to use accessibility features in Microsoft Word to create an accessible syllabus.

Captioning Videos
Wednesday, November 8th — 10am-11am

This virtual workshop will explore closed captioning for videos and animations. The facilitator will demonstrate how to use YouTube and Amara to an Instructor Introduction video.

Creating Accessible PDF Documents
Thursday, November 9th — 10am-11am

This virtual workshop will demonstrate how to update/create an accessible PDF and then fix issues that could be encountered.

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