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The Teaching and Learning Center provides individual or group consultations that support your pursuit of teaching excellence.  TLC consultants collaborate with you to identify needs and provide relevant feedback, resources, and guidance.


All consultations provided by the TLC are voluntary and confidential.

You can also reach out to other UTHSC faculty to discuss your questions, ideas, or challenges. Check out TLC Connect.

Some of the most common topics about which faculty seek consultation are listed below. The list is not comprehensive, so if you would like a consultation about another topic, please ask!  

Explore ways to design or redesign a course
  • Update learning outcomes and course objectives
  • Write a teaching philosophy
  • Design or redesign course syllabi
  • Organize course content and sequence assignments
  • Design assignments and instructional activities
  • Develop rubrics
  • Design or redesign student assessments
Examine evidence-based strategies to improve academic success
  • Improve student engagement
  • Incorporate active learning strategies, e.g. flipped classroom, team-based learning, audience response systems, case-based learning, etc.
  • Integrate technology consistent with course goals
  • Create equitable and inclusive learning environment
  • Discuss emerging trends and findings in scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL)
  • Implement peer accountability/review assignments for students
  • Develop effective processes for managing multiple instructors in course
Examine evidence-based strategies to integrate academic technology
  • Align technology with course learning goals
  • Integrate technology to increase student engagement
  • Discuss effective practices for using technology
Discuss strategies for using multimedia to enhance learning
  • Improve student learning via video
  • Discuss how to determine the appropriate length of instructional videos
  • Discuss effective audio-visual techniques, e.g. sound, lighting, background
  • Discuss strategies for script writing
  • Create animations
  • Replace current audio with a new voice over of an existing video
  • Best practices for recording audio
  • Use MyMediasite to edit and deliver video
Discuss Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) to improve teaching
  • Develop mid-term course evaluations
  • Review SRIs and develop improvement plan
  • Discuss strategies for communicating with students
Request classroom observation via peer review
  • Develop and implement an improvement plan while course is in progress
  • Discuss evidence-based strategies for implementation
  • Discuss Quality Matters
Discuss anything else related to your course, curriculum, or program
  • Assist with transition of course to new faculty
  • Assist with accreditation submissions


Jul 24, 2023