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Arranging Make-Up Exams

Arranging Make-Up Exams in SASSI (Disability Related Excused Absences)

The following guidelines describe the process whereby students currently registered with SASSI for a documented disability can arrange to make-up an exam due to an absence directly related to a previously disclosed and documented disability.

  • Students must follow the professor’s policy regarding notification of an absence from an exam. The reason/diagnosis for which the absence is based need only be shared with the SASSI staff.
  • Students aware that they will miss an exam prior to its administration must notify SASSI by email as soon as possible, prior to the exam.
  • If the student is not able to notify SASSI due to an unexpected absence it is expected that they notify the SASSI in writing within 12 hours of the original exam administration time.
  • Within 5 working days the student must provide SASSI with a written explanation/medical excuse from the diagnosing clinician. Once written notification is received, SASSI can verify the absence, if needed, for the professor.
    • The notification must include information that directly supports the need for the absence from an exam based on a documented disability on file with SASSI. This explanation must be from a professional, on letterhead, and include a projected date for return to campus.
  • Students must follow the professor’s policy regarding make-up exams. If taking a makeup exam in the SASSI, follow SASSI procedures for regular exam administration.
  • Faculty members should contact SASSI if they desire verification of the disability-related absence from an exam. Faculty members must refrain from asking the student for specific and detailed documentation of the excused absence as such explanations/documentation constitute a violation of the student’s privacy rights.
  • When providing a make-up exam for a student with a disability-related excused absence, faculty members must administer the same make-up exam given to all other students, provided that the make-up exam is given at the same time for all students.
    • Should it be necessary to prepare a separate make-up exam for any student (disability or not), faculty members must provide an exam that is comparable to the original with respect to the types of questions, length of exam, and complexity of the questions.

SASSI should not be contacted unless the absence is directly related to a disability that has been documented by SASSI. Absences that are not attributable to a documented disability must be handled according to the professor’s written policy regarding missed exams.

May 26, 2022