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Resident Life

Residents in masks getting lunch

Residents looking at specimen in a hospital setting

Resident leaning over rocks

Group of residents in Harry Potter gear

Residents in white coats posing outside

Four residents gathered at Easter

Resident giving a presentation on stage

Group of residents at graduation 2019

Residents and coordinator in front of a poster presentation

Residents in costumes in the hospital hallway

Male resident with a service dog

Night shift residents on the hospital roof

Two female and two male residents

Six residents eating popsicles outside the hospital

All the residents in a Le Bonheur meeting room

Six residents in Le Bonheur hospital

Six residents eating snacks

Resident standing beside her presentation poster

All the residents posing outside by a cabin

Four residents with Dr. Bugnitz in the hospital hallway

Three residents in costumes

Two residents holding cupcakes

Two female residents in front of a Southern Regionals Meetings Registration sign

Nine residents in blue jean shirts posing for the camera

Last Published: Jun 26, 2020