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Applying to NursingCAS

About NursingCAS

NursingCAS is the nation's only centralized application service for students applying to nursing programs at all levels from the bachelors to doctorate. It offers students a convenient way to research and apply to multiple participating nursing schools with a single online application.


  • A convenient and efficient process to apply to multiple programs using a single, secure web-based application.
  • A comprehensive online checklist and instructions to help applicants easily navigate through the application.
  • Eliminates the need for duplicate application data, reference letters and transcripts for those applying to multiple schools.
  • Provides applicants with a real-time way to check the receipt of applications, transcripts, etc.
  • For more information on applying, go to
  • Questions and Support: Phone: (617) 612-2880
  • Email:
Before You Apply

Once you create an account with NursingCAS, you can access your application frequently in order to complete the required portion of the application. Specific instructions are available within each section of the application that can be viewed at NursingCAS - How To Apply. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ's) if you have specific questions about entering your information into the application.

After you have created and completed your application, you can e-submit it to NursingCAS for processing. Your designations have real-time access to your application once you e-submit. The NursingCAS application will provide your designated programs with your complete biographical information and a detailed description of your academic history.

Before You Create an Application
  • Contact individuals that you would like to have for references. If you want to have references sent electronically, ask them for accurate email addresses.
  • Check individual NursingCAS nursing program web sites that you are interested in applying to for program specific requirements.
  • Obtain student copies of your college transcripts to assist you in completing the course work section of the application.
  • Read the NursingCAS Admissions Code of Cooperation for applicant responsibilities.
  • Request official transcripts using the Transcript Request Form. This form can be printed from the Forms section once you create an application.
Completing the Application

Once you create an application, you will come to the main page. You can now navigate through the application either by the top menu items or the Checklist. This page will also display the FAQ's, Status of your application and Messages from NursingCAS. The Checklist allows you to navigate to each section and will have a green check once the section is complete. Once all items are checked and completed, this is the page to e-submit your application.

My Profile - Use this section to change Account information (name change, email address, etc.) and change your password.

My Application - Use this section to access each section of your application. This is also available through the Checklist.

Reference Forms - Reference forms are available either electronically or on paper form. Electronic reference swill be easier to track. If you use a paper form, make sure you use the form provided in this section.

Applicant Information - Use this section to input your Biographic Information, Personal Data, Parent and Family Information, and Background Information.

Education - You must complete the Colleges Attended section before you can enter your coursework. The coursework will be entered by the semester, quarter or term that you attended by creating a Session/Term. Under the Session/Term,you will enter each course taken or that you are planning to take.

Professional Experience - This includes the following sections: Health Related Certification Training,Patient/Health Related Experiences, Certifications, Registrations, Community Enrichment, Honors and Awards, and Other Employment. Professional Goals Essay- Submit a brief explanation how a DNP education will make a difference in your practice using one of the core competencies for DNP practice described below:

  • Doctorally - prepared advanced practice nurses apply knowledge of scientific foundations in practice for quality care. Core competencies include ability to apply skills in technology and information literacy, and engage in practice inquiry to improve health outcomes, policy, and healthcare delivery. Core competencies also include increased knowledge, skills, and expertise in advanced communication skills, collaboration, complex decision making, leadership, and the business of health care.
  • My Programs - This is where you select your designations (programs you're applying to). You will have the ability to continue to designate programs after you have e-submitted your application as long as the deadline hasn't passed.
    Status: Use this section to view the status of your transcripts and reference/evaluations forms received by NursingCAS. Once you have e-submitted your application and your application has been verified, you may view your GPA's and the dates your applications have been fully processed.

Instructions - Use this section to access instructions for each of the application sections or use the instruction button available within each section.

Before You E-Submit Your Application
  • Use the Transcript Request Form to have all official transcripts sent to NursingCAS.
  • Print you application for your records.
  • Make sure all information is accurate. Refunds cannot be made once processing has begun. 
Things to Remember
  • Enter all Colleges Attended. Enter all undergraduate, graduate, professional and foreign institutions that you have attended even if it was only for a single course or college credit awarded while you were in high school. Official transcripts will be necessary for all undergraduate, graduate and professional coursework (taken toward a bachelor's degree). Foreign coursework(non-Canadian) will need to be evaluated for U.S. equivalency.
  • Enter all College Level Coursework. You must enter all coursework including courses in which you received a grade of “W” or“Inc.” Enter all in-progress and planned coursework. This will help programs decide if you are planning to take required courses in the future. 

Apply Early

If you wait until the night before a program deadline to submit your application, your application may not be received by NursingCAS in time. You should apply at least four weeks before the earliest deadline of the program(s) that you are applying to. This will allow the necessary time to verify and process your application.

Apply to NursingCAS

May 26, 2022