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Management of Aggressive Patient Situatoins

Management of Aggressive Patient Situations (MAPS) is a two-day, train-the-trainer certification program designed by mental health experts and tailored for the unique needs of health care providers and patients. MAPS integrates verbal strategies for de-escalation, communication skills, and simulation experiences in clinical settings.This program is geared specifically for health care workers. Other leading de-escalation programs are designed for a broad audience.

Training can be scheduled at your local facility or the Tennessee Hospital Association headquarters in Brentwood, TN, or the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Nursing in Memphis TN. The curriculum was developed and is taught by UTHSC College of Nursing faculty members.

This training is important because one in four health care workers reports physical assault by a patient or patient’s family member. Staff safety is essential. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, The Joint Commission will require hospitals to provide training and education regarding workplace violence and de-escalation. MAPS is free of charge to health care providers in Tennessee. It is funded by a grant from Tennessee Hospital Association.
To schedule a training session, please email

This course for health care facilities and institutions of higher education in Tennessee certifies health care workers to teach MAPS de-escalation techniques to employees within their institutions. Upon certification, all trainers will receive a MAPS Teaching Packet to use in training staff. Certified trainees will also receive simulation videos developed based on real-life hospital scenarios involving agitated patients. Materials can be adapted for a course ranging from two-eight hours. All training and materials are FREE.

May 26, 2022