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Enterprise Applications & Data Services (EADS)

Our vision is to provide technology solutions that are transparent in nature.

We aim to work with our partners in a collaborative spirit to help us all achieve our goals. We offer our expertise on an agile mindset, holistic systems thinking, data integration, and web development to combine with our partners various expertise to help further the mission of UTHSC.

Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver intuitive and innovative technology solutions that enable our customers to be more efficient and effective as we all work together to improve the health and well-being of Tennesseans.

Value Statement

With integrity and respect as our foundation, we strive to collaborate and build trust through agility and passion to achieve positive outcomes.

Our Values

  1. Integrity – we will be open, honest, accountable, and transparent with our words and in our actions
  2. Respect – we will value all people and their opinions and ideas
  3. Collaboration – we will work with others to achieve a common purpose
  4. Trust – we will inherently begin by trusting our customers
  5. Agility – we will be ready and willing to change as our customers’ needs evolve
  6. Passion – we will bring our passion for technology to match our customers passion
  7. Customer (Business) focus – we will work to understand the business, not just the technology

Technical Teams

Banner Development

The Banner Development Team is responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting applications within the Banner ecosystem for the campus community. We utilize reporting services to implement custom applications and reports to aid in more data-driven decisions and through collaboration efforts we help to streamline processes and increase productivity for our customers. We also work with the Data Solutions team to help build and support data integrations.

Data Solutions

The Data Solutions Team provides everything from system integrations, relational databases, APIs, automation, warehousing and more. If it involves data, we will find a way to meet your needs implementing industry standards and best practices.

Web Development

The Web Development Team develops custom web apps, sites, and features to support the business needs of UTHSC along with internal and external documentation. We maintain a stable WordPress platform across multiple server environments. The team also provides focused support to Communications and Marketing for Omni CMS technical issues and general web analysis.

Administrative Teams

EADS Project Management

The Project Management Team facilitates all things related to requirements gathering to begin a project for EADS. We ensure the project continues to move forward while maintaining communication with the team and customer. We also help identify and remove any impediments during the project implementation. 

Data Management

The Data Management Team provides a comprehensive data management strategy for the institution through collaboration with campus partners. The team oversees the implementation of a collaboratively developed enterprise data services solution. We also help organize and lead the data and analytics governance program.

Who We Are

Todd Barber
Executive Director

Terron Collier
Agile Project Manager

Tia Simes
Junior Agile Project Manager

JP Pinto
Data Domain Analyst



Banner Development

Renetta Bell
Banner Development Team Leader

Roy Barnes
Senior Banner Developer

Tammy Lambdin
Banner Database Administrator

Ravalika Thuti
Banner Developer

Banner Developer

Data Solutions

Josh Byran
Lead Data Engineer

Data Engineer

Joe Johnson
Data Engineer (P/T)

Web Development

Nic Winn
Lead Web Developer

Charles Mooney
Web Developer

Charity Anderson
Web Developer

Oct 5, 2023