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Engagement Series 2022

As a UTHSC family, staying connected to each other is more important than ever. With working from home and talking with team members via Zoom, Human Resources has brought a fun and educational team together to share their experiences, stories, and provide advice for others who are facing this new normal.

Topics will include: Rethinking Soft Skills, The Great Resignation, Change Management, Improving Employee Morale and Engagement, Communication, and much more.

Rethinking Soft Skills

In this session, we will chat with Gabrielle Marshall, HR Employment Consultant, to discuss how to rethink your soft skills in the New Year.

Session One Recording

The Great Resignation

In this session, we will chat with Alisha Boone, Employment Recruitment Manager, and Anesha Jones, Employment Compliance Manager, to discuss how The Great Resignation changed the workforce over the past three years and the ways UTHSC has put our best foot forward to best equip ourselves in this new terrain.

Session Two Recording

Change Management

In this session, we will chat with Alisha Boone, Employment Recruitment Manager, and Gabrielle Marshall, Employment Consultant, to discuss how to develop a systematic approach to dealing with change, transition, and transformation and steps to take to allow for successful outcomes.

Session Three Recording

Improving Employee Morale and Engagement

In this session, we will chat with Alisha Boone and Brittany Neal, to discuss how to approach employee morale and engagement to improve employee satisfaction, departmental objectives, and organizational success.

Session Four Recording

Bridging the Generational Gap

Did you know that there are 5 different generations in the 2022 workforce? With an increase in multigenerational diversity, it is more difficult to manage differences in values. Please join Gabrielle Marshall and Nalisha Brown to discuss generations that make up the workforce, generation values in the workplace, and how to manage a multi-generation workplace.

Session Five Recording

Communication: Beyond the Basics

Presented by Optum, Bonnie La Duca

Every day, there are more and more ways to communicate but that increase in quantity does not always mean an improvement in quality. Quite the opposite, as we get more hurried so too do our meetings, emails, phone calls, texts and posts. Whether communication is virtual or face to face there are some golden guidelines that help ensure people understand us and we have the desired impact. Learning to think, speak and write effectively is a life skill that underpins all successful careers. 

Participants will: 
• Learn and use multiple perspectives
• Get clear about their objectives
• Use chunking and linking to structure communication
• Apply tips to be memorable and persuasive

Session Six Recording

Aug 11, 2022