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Degree Verifications

US Accredited Institutions

Official Transcript
To be considered official, the transcript or credentialing must be sent directly from the university/institution to UTHSC – not to the student/faculty member, and preferably sent to Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs, 62 S. Dunlap, 400 Hyman, Memphis, TN  38163.

Hard copy transcripts
Prefer to receive direct in AFSA; if received by college/department, must include envelope with transcript for our office (many times the back of the envelope has a signature on the sealed flap). 

  • If the department/college receives the transcript, please forward the envelope and transcript to Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs.    
  • If the transcript has any indication that it was issued to student, it will not be accepted by AFSA. 

Electronic transcripts
Specific process of receiving emails with access link and passcode along with the correct way to download so it doesn’t show printed copy on the transcript.  Emails go to the college/department and sometimes to AFSA staff members.

  • Electronic transcripts are acceptable if coming directly from the institution. The email from the university/institution must be forwarded to our office, with the passcode to access the transcript. If the college/dept. receives such an email first, it may be forwarded to Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs. 
    • It’s preferable that the email(s) to download the transcript be sent directly to our office, where we can download and save in the faculty folder.  If the college or department receives and accesses the transcript, it must be downloaded and saved correctly, without showing ‘copy’ or ‘printed’ across the transcript (this download is not considered official and cannot be used for verification).  Save as a PDF and forward to our office.  Contact our office for questions about this process. 


ECFMG-Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (Physician)
We receive a copy of the Certificate confirming the physician has completed and passed the National Boards and is now eligible for state licensure. We accept this certificate in place of a US accredited  transcript; credential evaluation is not required for foreign trained physicians.

May 26, 2022