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Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs is a core unit of the Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs Office. Our mission is to support faculty members and faculty administrators across the various processes in academic life, thereby enhancing the success of our faculty and facilitating the growth of our academic programs, research, clinical care, and public service.  

Our approximately 1550 regular faculty have predominantly 12-month appointments; less than 1% have 9-month appointments. More than two-thirds of our regular faculty are not on tenure track, with 20% tenured, 5% on tenure track, and 9% ineligible for tenure. Roughly 22% of our faculty hold the rank of professor, with 26% associate professor rank, 46% assistant professor rank, and 6% instructor rank. UTHSC’s Factbook provides further details about our faculty. 

Faculty Affairs Support

Kristi Forman, Director of Faculty Affairs 

Lisa Zeigler, Logistics Coordinator 

Alesha White, Faculty Affairs Coordinator 

Anna Norris, Faculty Affairs Coordinator 

Last Published: Jun 3, 2021