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Digital Measures

Questions about the 2020 Annual Performance and Planning Review (APPR) Process?

Take a look at our DM User Guide à How To: Annual Review (APPR) Process here to find:

  • An overview of the Goals and Assignments screens
  • The recently added Audit Report for supervisors and workflow assistants to check the APPR status for a group of faculty at-a-glance.
  • And the 2020 APPR Video Tutorial Series

Digital Measures is UTHSC’s web-based faculty activity reporting system that allows faculty members to track their teaching, research and service activities and accomplishments, including clinical care. Faculty information is captured once and can then be used in multiple ways, including annual reviews, enhanced reviews (tenure, promotion, post-tenure review), web profiles, and reports for various groups. Listen below to Dr. Lori Gonzalez, Chief Academic Officer, describe the benefits of using the Digital Measures system.


What's New with Digital Measures

New Digital Measures report to assist with the Annual Performance and Planning Review process

  • The APPR Audit Report is intended for supervisors and administrative workflow assistants to check the APPR status for a group of faculty at-a-glance. Please go to here for further details about the report.

Final Annual Report revisions completed for all Colleges

"Goals, Assignments, and Evaluation Report" now available

New "Evaluation" section available for APPR process 

  • Under Activities

Instructional videos for APPR process available here

Web Profiles configuration underway

 For more detailed information, visit here.

Last Published: Apr 22, 2020