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Digital Measures

Tip of the Day

Pre-populated dataSeveral of our university systems provide data to populate your Digital Measures screens. After the initial load of information into the system, below is our schedule of updating information in Digital Measures. If you find incorrect information on any of the above-noted screens, the easiest way to alert the Digital Measures team to a possible issue is to select the question mark (?) in the upper green bar of the Digital Measures screen and "Contact Us" via the system-email.

  • Daily update: Personal and Contact Information (from IRIS)
  • Every 2 weeks: Yearly data and Permanent data (from IRIS)
  • Quarterly: Proposals and Awards (from Cayuse in the Office of Sponsored Programs)
  • Three Times/Year: Scheduled Teaching (from Banner) at 7 weeks after the end of a term
  • Three Times/Year: Additional Instructors (from colleges) at 8 weeks after the end of a term

For more Digital Measures Tips, visit our Tips page

Digital Measures is UTHSC’s web-based faculty activity reporting system that allows faculty members to track their teaching, research and service activities and accomplishments, including clinical care. Faculty information is captured once and can then be used in multiple ways, including annual reviews, enhanced reviews (tenure, promotion, post-tenure review), web profiles, and reports for various groups. Listen below to Dr. Lori Gonzalez, Chief Academic Officer, describe the benefits of using the Digital Measures system.


What's New with Digital Measures

UTHSC CV Report Corrections
Expected Completion: December 20, 2019

Updated Cayuse information uploaded to Awards and Proposals screens
Expected Completion: December 20, 2019

Annual Activity Report Revisions
Expected Completion: Late December

Recently Completed

  • Scheduled Teaching Screen
  • Graduate Faculty Level field moved from Yearly Data Screen to Permanent Data Screen
  • Combined Goals and Assignments Screen Separating
  • Additional Options coming to Professional Service Screen
  • Research at Other Institutions being renamed as Other Research

For more detailed information, visit here.

Last Published: Dec 10, 2019