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Faculty Resources

The following information contains links to important resources for faculty, including the Faculty Senate, UTHSC Faculty Handbook, College Bylaws, and Statement of Misconduct in Service and Research, and
documents pertinent to faculty recruitment, appointment, promotion, tenure, and Annual Performance and Planning Review.

Faculty Resources

Promotion and Tenure

September 25, 2019 Campus Promotion and Tenure Session
  • Promotion and Tenure Slides
  • Session Recording
  • Black Board Site
    • Blackboard Instructions
      1. Log into Blackboard
      2. Near the top left of the screen (in the black bar), click on Courses 
      3. In Course Search (left-hand column), type UTHSC Promotion and click Go
      4. Click on the Course ID of UTHSC_PandT_2019_2020
      5. In the middle of some print in the main portion of the page will be a message to Click here to enroll, which you should do
      6. In the left-handcolumn for the course, click + Enroll
      7. Then click OK at the lower right-hand corner
Tenure Track Changes

Transfers between tracks (tenure track, non-tenure track) may be permitted per the UTHSC Faculty Handbook. Sections 4.9.2 and 5.2 provide guidance to faculty members, chairs, and deans as to such a request.

To process requests for transfers from tenure track to non-tenure track, please use the provided template, located here.

Tenure Calculation Aid

Typically, a faculty member on tenure track serves a probationary period prior to being considered for tenure (the exception is tenure upon initial appointment). In keeping with the UT Board of Trustees policy, the probationary period at UTHSC is six years. The faculty member will apply for tenure during the sixth year, and if tenure is not granted, the faculty member will be permitted to serve a seventh year as a terminal year.

Review the current tenure calculation chart for date calculations for:

  • Required six year probationary period for tenure
  • Requirements for early consideration for tenure before the sixth year of the probationary period

Need to review the old tenure calculation chart?

Questions about calculating tenure review dates? Contact one of the individuals listed below (in the Office of Academic, Faculty & Student Affairs) for assistance!

Lisa Zeigler, Logistics Coordinator

Shannetta Alexander, Accreditation Coordinator

Kiela Person, Administrative Coordinator


Annual Performance and Planning Review

Faculty 2019 Mid-Calendar-Year Progress Review


Post-Tenure Review


College and Department Administrator Resources

Tenure Calculation Aid

Typically, a faculty member on tenure track serves a probationary period prior to being considered for tenure. The probationary period at UTHSC is generally no less than one and no more than seven academic years. For various reasons, a probationary status of less than one or more than seven years may be approved.

In calculating the time to tenure review date when preparing a Faculty Appointment Agreement, follow these guidelines:

Tenure review dates are calculated by calendar year (January through December), not by academic year (July through June).
Add 6 to the year in the faculty member's start date to arrive at the year by which a tenure decision should normally be made.
Example: A faculty member has a start date of May 1, 2014. Add 6 to 2014, arriving at 2020. This faculty member's tenure review date (if following a normal pattern) should occur no later than June 30, 2020.

The last year (the 7th year) is considered the work-out year. If tenure is not granted, the faculty member typically has the following academic year to make alternate work arrangements.
In the above example, if tenure was not granted by June 30, 2020, the faculty member would generally have until June 30, 2021 to make alternate work arrangements.

Contact Us

Contact one of the following individuals in the Office of Academic, Faculty & Student Affairs, Suite 400 Hyman:

Lisa Zeigler, Logistics Coordinator

Shannetta Alexander, Administrative Coordinator

Kiela Askew, Administrative Coordinator

Undryka Bynum, Administrative Coordinator


Last Published: Oct 17, 2019