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Clinical Neurophysiology Goals and Objectives

The University of Tennessee Clinical Neurophysiology FellowshipTraining Program is an ACGME accredited, one-year training program that aims to develop neurologists in mastering core competencies related to neurophysiology and become compassionate clinicians, to relate well with patients, other physicians, and medical personnel, become accomplished teachers,  and adapt self-learning, and whenever applicable, to become successful clinical scientists, mastering the knowledge to practice clinical neurophysiology effectively and independently.

The trainees:

  • learn to understand major aspects of clinical neurophysiology
  • learn to perform and interpret electrophysiological tests independently
  • learn to diagnose and care for patients with neuromuscular disorders, epilepsy, and sleep disorders and other related disorders such as dysautonomias in regular and emergency settings independently
  • know how to act professional and have excellent interpersonal relationships with patients, families, and medical personnel
  • develop knowledge in medical economics and managed care, including social aspects of medical care, and of end of life issues, develop educational skills related to the field of neurophysiology

To achieve these goals, the program offers a wide variety of experiences and educational conferences in a setting that provides close supervision by faculty contact with intellectual inquiry and excellent patient care.

May 26, 2022