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Patient Safety/Quality Improvement (PSQI)

The University of Tennessee Graduate Medical Education Program is committed to the education and development of exemplary physicians who practice patient-centered health care, foster innovation in patient safety, and create strong inter-professional teams to promote quality, safety, and value in health care across the continuum.

In the Institute of Medicine publication Crossing the Quality Chasm six specific aims were identified in order for the health care system to deliver quality care. In this short video Dr. Don Berwick will explain the “STEEEP” principles which includes care that is: Safe, effective, efficient, timely, patient centered and equitable.

Don Berwick on the Institute of Medicine AIMS
Don Berwick video image for the institute of medicine AIMS

IHI Open School

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)Open School online courses cover a range of topics in improvement capability; patient safety; triple aim for populations; person- and family-centered care; leadership; and Graduate Medical Education . Courses typically consist of three to five 15- to 30-minute lessons filled with videos, learning checks, and interactive elements. To complete a course, you must achieve a score of 75% on each post-lesson assessment. UTHSC Office of Graduate Medical Education has purchased a group subscription, which provides free access to the courses using the NOTE NEW PASSCODE: E6B3D391.

Effective July 1, 2019

  1. Login to  If you are not yet registered, please click the “Register Now” button to do so.
  2. After you have successfully logged in, go to  You will notice a box to enter your passcode. Enter “E6B3D391” and then click the “get access” button
  3. Go directly to You can bookmark this link for easy access during future visits. Click the “online learning” tab to begin your first course.   

GME GOAL: 100 Basic Certificates!

To complete the Basic Certificate, you must complete 13 courses marked with an asterick*. from the list below:

Improvement Capability

  • QI 101: Introduction to Health Care Improvement*
  • QI 102: How to Improve with the Model for Improvement*
  • QI 103: Testing and Measuring Changes with PDSA Cycles*
  • QI 104: Interpreting Data: Run Charts, Control Charts, and other Measurement Tools*
  • QI 105: Leading Quality Improvement*
  • QI 201: Planning for Spread: From Local Improvement to System-Wide Change
  • QI 202: Achieving Breakthrough Quality, Access, and Affordability
  • QI 301: Guide to the IHI Open School Quality Improvement Practicum

Patient Safety

  • PS 101: Introduction to Patient Safety*
  • PS 102: From Error to Harm*
  • PS 103: Human Factors and Safety*
  • PS 104: Teamwork and Communication in a Culture of Safety*
  • PS 105: Responding to Adverse Events*
  • PS 201: Root Cause and Systems Analysis
  • PS 202: Building a Culture of Safety
  • PS 203: Partnering to Heal: Teaming Up Against Healthcare-Associated Infections
  • PS 204: Preventing Pressure Ulcers (Injury)


  • L 101: Introduction to Health Care Leadership*

Person- and Family-Centered Care

  • PFC 101: Introduction to Person-and Family-Centered Care*
  • PFC 102: Dignity and Respect
  • PFC 201: A Guide to Shadowing: Seeing Care through the Eyes of Patients and Families
  • PFC 202: Having the Conversation: Basic Skills for Conversations about End-of-Life Care

Triple Aim for Populations

  • TA 101: Introduction to the Triple Aim for Populations*
  • TA 102: Improving Health Equity
  • TA 103: Quality, Cost, and Value in Health Care 

 Graduate Medical Education

  • GME 201: Why Engage Trainees in Quality and Safety?
  • GME 202: A Guide to the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Program
  • GME 203: The Faculty Role: Understanding & Modeling Fundamentals of Quality & Safety
  • GME 204: The Role of Didactic Learning in Quality Improvement
  • GME 205: A Roadmap for Facilitating Experiential Learning in Quality Improvement
  • GME 206: Aligning Graduate Medical Education with Organizational Quality & Safety Goals
  • GME 207: Faculty Advisor Guide to the IHI Open School Quality Improvement Practicum


May 26, 2022