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Payroll Procedures

As an employee, proper registration procedures are essential. If you did not receive a registration form in the mail, please contact the Graduate Medical Education Office immediately either in person (Suite 447 of the 920 Madison Building) or by phone 901.448.5364.

The University is on a monthly payroll system. Residents in the University of Tennessee Graduate Medical Education Program participate in Social Security. The current FICA deduction is 7.65%. Payday is the last working day of the month. Direct deposit is mandatory for all employees.

Payroll Changes

All payroll changes including:

Any request for changes must be received in the GME Office by the 15th of the given month to be processed and effective during that pay period.

Changes received after the 15th will be effective on the following pay period.

Changes may be retroactive to the first of the given month or effective the 1st of the following month depending on the change.

May 26, 2022