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Employee Relations Organizations

The concept of an “Employee Relations” structure was established in 1972 to facilitate two-way communications between non-exempt employees and the University Administration.  UTHSC was the first campus in The University of Tennessee System to establish the campus network.  These groups meet monthly and bi-monthly to discuss University issues of mutual concern and forwarding their opinions on policies, procedures and activities related to staff to University Administration.

Employee Relations Committee (ERC)

The Employee Relations Committee (ERC) serves as an advisory body to the University administration with respect to matters and conditions affecting the employees. Its objective is to provide for a direct channel of communication between regular staff non-exempt employees and University officials for information and advisory purposes, and to provide University officials with an effective method of soliciting and disseminating information concerning plans and programs affecting regular staff non-exempt University employees.

The ERC has 17 elected representatives throughout the institution serving in this capacity as primary representatives and secondary representatives.

The ERC is composed of elected representatives throughout the institution.

ERC Documents and Meeting Minutes


Exempt Staff Council (ESC)

The Exempt Staff Council (ESC) is an organization for staff dedicated to promoting the interest and welfare of all non-faculty staff exempt employees. Its mission is to provide a forum for discussing issues and exchanging ideas relevant to non-faculty exempt staff and to provide a mechanism for communicating with other representative bodies and administrators.

The ESC has 11 elected representatives who are non-faculty exempt staff and work in an exempt staff capacity at a director level or below. All staff above a director level, staff within Human Resources and the Office of Equity and Diversity are ineligible to be representatives on the council.

ESC Documents and Meeting Minutes


Employee Relations Board

Each January, the ERC and ESC committees will elect one person to represent them on the UT system-wide Employee Relations Board respectively. Each committee will also select agenda items for discussion at each Board meeting. Agenda Items submitted to the Board will be selected from the agenda items referred by the Committee. The Board meets semi-annual (spring and fall) at the different campuses of the University.

Dec 8, 2023