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Occupational Safety

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center provides services intended to promote health and safety. We offer a variety of services in the areas of Biological, Chemical, Occupational and Radiation safety, and select Environmental programs. Some of the direct services that we offer include chemical and radiation exposure monitoring, worksite hazard evaluations, workplace safety surveys, safety equipment selection, safety program reviews, safety training, and disposal of hazardous chemical, radioactive and infectious waste. Consultative services include regulatory compliance assistance programs to address OSHA and EPA-related responsibilities within health care, research, academic, facility and service environments.

The Institutional Campus Safety Office provides overall Occupational Safety services to a broad range of occupations on campus.  Its focus is on people and how they interact within their workplace in regard to occupational safety and health.  Its programs and services are designed to evaluate job hazards and help individuals and departments reduce or eliminate these hazards and comply with state and federal occupational safety and health regulations.

Reporting Hazards

All staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to report safety hazards and near misses.

Contact a supervisor, department head, the Campus Safety, or another individual who can address the situation. If the hazard can be quickly and safely eliminated, please take immediate action. Warn others in the area if the hazard can’t be mitigated.

A near miss is sometimes called a “close call.” These events are often ignored since personal injuries or property damage do not occur, or they are minimal. However, these incidents should be treated similar to a hazard and reported in a similar manner.

You can report any hazards lab safety concerns by calling or emailing:

Campus Safety (Occupational Safety, Fire Safety, Environmental Safety)

Research Safety (Lab Safety, Radiation Safety, Bio Safety):

  • Director: Tim Barton – 901.448.7374
  • Biological Safety Officer: Ramesh Ray – 901.448.2054
  • Radiation Safety: Jabari Robinson – 901.448.5223
  • Lab safety Email:
  • Radiation Safety Email:


Safety Manuals

The campus safety manual contains dozens of policies, procedures, and written plans. Some are required by regulations while others serve as guidance documents. If you have questions regarding any safety policy, procedure, or plan, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Department. The main sections of the manual are:

  • General Safety
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency Management

The manual can be found within UTHSC's Policy Document Center.

Safety Training

Training is an important part of every employee’s job and is required by regulation in some cases. Options for safety training include:

  • A department or employee supervisor
  • The Environmental Health and Safety Department
  • Using Skillsoft, which contains approximately 35 courses in safety
Jul 5, 2022