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Emergency Preparedness

What is the difference between Emergency Management and Emergency Preparedness?

Emergency preparedness is done at the individual and family level. It involves knowing what you and your family would do in an emergency, getting your own emergency kit, and making sure you have access to all of the information you need to be prepared for an emergency. For more information, visit our Emergency Preparedness page.

Emergency Management refers to the activities needed to plan for, respond to, and recover from emergencies on a community-wide level. This includes identifying possible problems, providing information to the campus, training individuals who will assist during emergencies and conducting exercises to prepare for such emergencies. Here at UTHSC, Emergency Management means coordinating these actions listed above and the resources needed to bring our campus back to normal operations as soon as possible. Campus Safety and Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating the emergency preparation and response of the University. The UTHSC Emergency Response Plan is accessible here.

Be personally prepared.

Everyone has a role in the campus effort to be prepared. More importantly, every student, faculty, and staff member is a critical part of the response. The information in this section will help you prepare and respond to life threatening emergencies.

  • Download the UTHSC Rave Guardian app. Register with Guardian app to activate features including anonymous text tip and UT Alert notifications.
  • Know where to shelter and evacuate routes in places you frequent.
  • Be informed and know where to get emergency information like building emergency posters.
  • Know how to protect yourself against potential hazards.
  • Have a to go bag with at least some water, medications, hygiene items, clothes, cell phone and charger, IDs, flashlight, etc.
  • Have a plan to check in or link-up with friends and family if phones aren’t available. It is recommended to use an out of town relative as the common contact. The UT System Reconnect website offers a way to register and share information during an emergency.
  • Visit's website to prepare for various types of emergencies.
  • Speak with Campus Safety and Emergency Management or UTHSC Police department for more information or other ideas.

Remember: the time you spend on learning to prepare is an investment that could save your life.

Dec 19, 2022