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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Department located?

  • ASP, while administered by the UTHSC College of Health Professions in Memphis, is physically located in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • All ASP faculty, classes, and campus clinics are located on the UT Knoxville campus.
  • Program-approved externship experiences for the last semester of the MS SLP program and the last three semesters of the AuD program may be located anywhere in the United States.
  • Other UTHSC degree programs located in Knoxville include the Graduate School of Medicine, the College of Pharmacy, and portions of the College of Dentistry.

What are the tuition fees for MS SLP or AuD students enrolled at UTHSC?

  • Questions regarding program-specific tuition and fees should be addressed to the UTHSC’s Bursar's Office, 901.448.5550.

What is the GRE or TOEFL code for applying to UTHSC via CSDCAS?

  • 0779

Are part-time students accepted?

  • No, all ASP students are required to be full-time students who are continuously enrolled for 12 months out of the year.

Do I need to be in Knoxville to complete the program requirements?

  • Yes, students are required to be in residence in Knoxville to complete the majority of program requirements. There are no on-line/distance learning courses available for these degree programs.
  • Externship experiences may be in Knoxville or at any program-approved site in the United States.

Where can I find the academic calendar?

  • The academic calendar details the start and end dates for ASP coursework each semester of a given academic year.
  • The current academic calendar can be found on the UTHSC Office of the Registrar’s website.
  • Please note: Clinic practicum experiences most likely will start before and/or end after the first and last day of classes. ASP graduate students should exercise caution when making travel plans and not base these plans on the academic calendar alone. Clinical practicum calendars are disseminated at the start of the academic year by the directors of clinical education in Audiology and SLP.

Are students required to carry health insurance while in the program?

  • All UTHSC students must maintain health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment.  For details review the Office of Admission's Student Health Insurance page, and/or contact the One Stop Shop at 901.448.7703.
  • Students are required to show proof of current health insurance prior to enrollment and throughout their time at UTHSC. They can do so by emailing completing the “Insurance Verification Form” and submitting to the Office of Student Life at UTHSC.
  • If an ASP student does not have, or fails to show proof of, current health insurance, they will be enrolled in University Student Health Insurance via UTHSC. The student will be billed a Health Service Fee payable each term. See the fee schedule for more information.
  • While enrolled at ASP, you will have access to healthcare at UTK Student Health Services.
Oct 5, 2023