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1953 – East Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center established.  Located in Turner House on the UT Campus, it became one of only six established in the state of Tennessee.  Dr. Bernard Silverstein is Director.  The Turner House was located where the Burchfiel Geography Building now stands on the west side of “The Hill”.

1956 – WBIR-TV begins 8-year run of broadcasting “Stop, Look, and Listen,” a live innovative TV program by Dr. Silverstein focusing on speech production.

1958 – East Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center relocates to its present location – Peyton Manning Pass (formerly Yale Avenue) and Phillip Fulmer Way (formerly Stadium Drive).

1962 – Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology established with Dr. Freeman McConnell as Department Head.

1963 – Dr. Harold Luper appointed Department Head.

1963-1964 – Graduate program established with five full-time graduate students.

1966 – Dr. Harold Luper appointed Director of UT Hearing and Speech Center.  East Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center merges with the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology forming the University of Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center.  Hearing and Speech Center Endowment established.

1967 – Child Hearing Services established through federal research grant awards to Dr. Carl Asp.   Hearing and Speech Center satellite program at University Hospital established.

1969 – Ph.D. degree program added.

1972 – Administrative offices, classrooms, and research facilities of Audiology and Speech Pathology located in South Stadium Hall, in the southwest corner of Neyland Stadium.  Pediatric Language Clinic established.

1973 – Dr. Harold Peterson appointed Clinic Director.

1974-1995 – Dr. Anna Nabelek awarded NIH research grant to study neurological and communicative disorders.

1975 – First two Ph.D. students graduate.

1984 – Dr. Carl Asp’s Verbotonal Program awarded major federal grant to maximize listening and speech skills of hearing impaired patients, strategies still used in clinics worldwide.

1985 – Annette Brown/Downtown Sertoma Scholarship established.

1986 – Harold Luper Endowment established.

1987 – Dr. Jerry Carney appointed Department Head.  Deborah King appointed Clinic Director.

1990 – Jody Chambers Endowment established.  Expansion of Child Hearing Services program including clients with Cochlear Implants.

1991 – Mary Jones Fund established.  Dr. Jerry Carney elected ASHA president.

1993 – Jerry Carney/ASHA Leadership Scholarship established.  Sol Adler Endowment established.  Sol Adler Lecture Series Endowment.  Sol Adler Memorial Conference begins.

1996 – First Departmental Graduation.

1997 – Tom Davidson Audiology Scholarship established.

2000 – Dr. Molly Erickson selected Fulbright Senior Scholar.

2001 – Drs. Anna Nabelek and Sam Burchfield awarded NIH research grant to lead research team in developing the Acceptable Noise Level test, now used in audiology clinics worldwide to predict successful hearing aid use.

2002 – Dr. Ann Michael appointed Clinic Director.  Dr. Ilsa Schwarz appointed Department Head.  Deb King Fellowship established by Knoxville Scottish Rite Foundation.  Ethel Piper Scholarship established.

2003 – UT Hearing and Speech Center pioneers (Dr. Tom Pryse, Dr. Gibbs Prevost, Dr. Frank Bowyer, and Judge Howard Bozeman), gather at 50th anniversary festivities.  First Doctor of Audiology graduates.

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebration of Hearing and Speech Center, building is named the Silverstein-Luper Building.

2004 – Dr. Bernie Silverstein Endowment established.  U.S. Department of Education awards $1.25 million grant to Drs. Ilsa Schwarz, Ann Michael, and Don Thompson to prepare graduate students to improve literacy skills of hearing-impaired children.  Dr. James Thelin elected V.P. of international CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.

2008 – U.S. News and World Report ranks Speech Pathology grad program in the Top 30 and Audiology in Top 25 in the nation.  UTK budget crisis threatens ASP and results in unprecedented public outcry and support.

2009 – UT ASP established as lead center for Sarah Jane Brain Foundation.  Department becomes affiliated with College of Allied Health Sciences at UT Health Science Center (UTHSC).  Dr. Ashley Harkrider appointed Department Chair.  Supervisors receive clinical faculty status.  ASP faculty and students participate in outreach program to Jamaica supported by the Blount Hearing and Speech Foundation.

2010 – Dr. Noma Anderson, SLP and former ASHA president, appointed Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences.  UTHSC celebrates Centennial Anniversary.

2011 – Emerson Grace Doty Fund established.  NIH grant awarded to Dr. Deborah von Hapsburg to study speech production and perception in hearing impaired infants.  Legislation passed to allow UT to directly dispense hearing aids.  ASP Community Development Board created.

2012 – Judy D. Haston Scholarship established. Pediatric Language Clinic celebrates 40th anniversary.  Governor Haslam and the State of Tennessee recognize the Pediatric Language Clinic’s 40 years of service.  New rotary chair – first of its kind in East Tennessee – added to state-of-the-art equipment in ASP Dizziness Clinic.  Drs. Jillian McCarthy and Ilsa Schwarz receive funding from the Tennessee Disability Coalition for an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Lab.

2013 – Sydney Rae Sloan Scholarship established. Inaugural Tom Davidson Audiology Conference.  Dr. Steve Schwab, Chancellor of UTHSC, and Mr. Joe Landsman, CEO of UT Medical Center (UTMC), announce plans for a new building for ASP on the UTMC campus.  Celebration of 60 Years of Service and Groundbreaking Ceremony held at the site of ASP’s future home at UTMC.

2014 – UTHSC and UTK offer a joint B.S. in Audiology and Speech Pathology.

2016 – ASP hosts its first ASP Parent Weekend. Tamika Catchings Endowed Scholarship established.  Scottish Rite of Knoxville increases gift to ASP.

2017 – Dinner with Tamika Catchings. Former client, Lady Vol standout, WNBA star, and Olympian gives generously to the Tamika Catchings Endowed Scholarship and a new amplification assistance fund.

Silverstein-Luper Hearing and Speech Center Building

The Silverstein-Luper Building is named in memory of Dr. Bernard Silverstein and Dr. Harold Luper. Dr. Silverstein was the founding director of the Center in 1953 and was a distinguished professor of speech pathology at UT for many years. Dr. Luper followed Dr. Silverstein as director of the clinical program, and headed the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology with distinction for 23 years.

Our program gratefully acknowledges and commemorates the contributions of Drs. Silverstein and Luper which formed and shaped the program as it exists today.


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May 26, 2022