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Teaching Conferences


Teaching conferences are held daily at 12:00 p.m. in the Resident Education Room and are attended by residents, medical students, and staff.

As part of their learning curriculum of the program, the UT Department of Pediatrics hosts teaching conferences held by their own subspecialty and general attendings as well as fellows.

Archived Recordings

2017 - 2018
Date Topic
May 29 Jeopardy
May 25 Drug Allergy with Dr. Lew
May 24 Primary Immunodeficiency with Dr. Lieberman
May 23 Hospital Wide Ethics with Dr. Dalgo
May 22 TBL with Dr. Bugnitz
May 21 Chronic Utricaria with Dr. Michael
May 18 SLE with Dr. Myers
May 17 Schwartz Rounds
May 16 Breastfeeding with Dr. Bettin
May 15 Bioethics with Dr. Morreim
May 14 Asthma with Dr. Wechsler
May 11 Anaphylaxis with Dr. Fadahunsi
May 10 Professor’s Rounds
May 09 Dermatomyositis with Dr. Brown
May 08 Eating Disorders with Drs Andry and Bowden
May 07 Food Allergies with Dr. Lieberman
May 04 JIA with Dr. Myers
May 02 Atopic Dermatitis with Dr. Wright
May 01 Resident Lectures with Dr. Graham and Dr. Wilson
Apr 27 Etteldorf Symposium
Apr 26 Etteldorf Symposium
Apr 25 TBL with Dr. Bugnitz
Apr 24 Global Health with Dr. Hawkins
Apr 23 Reading Delay with Dr. Espinal
Apr 20 Jeopardy
Apr 19 Schwartz Rounds
Apr 18 Ethics with Dr. Fost
Apr 16 Dysphagia with Dr. Hanna
Apr 12 Professor’s Rounds
Apr 11 Somatic Mosaicism with Dr. Pivinik
Apr 10 Developmental Delay with Dr. Gipson
Apr 09 Developmental Screening with Dr. Whitaker
Apr 06 Newborn Screening with Dr. Ward
Apr 05 Genetics for the General Pediatrician with Dr. Brown
Apr 04 ADHD with Dr. Assfoura
Apr 03 Intro to IEM disorders with Dr. Mroczkowski
Apr 02 Genetic Testing with Roya Mostafavi
Mar 29 TBL with Dr. Bugnitz
Mar 26 TBD with Dr. Jo-Shi
Mar 22 Jeopardy
Mar 21 General Peds with Dr. Ferguson- Paul
Mar 20 Bioethics with Dr. Morreim
Mar 19 Congential GI anomalies with Dr. Algotar
Mar 16 Reflux with Dr. Eshun
Mar 15 Schwartz Rounds
Mar 14 Constipation with Dr. Cavendar
Mar 13 Neonatal Jaundice with Dr. Lazar
Mar 12 TBD with Dr. TemTem
Mar 09 Liver Disease with Dr. Black
Mar 08 Professor’s Rounds
Mar 07 Eating Disorders with Drs. Andry and Bowden
Mar 06 TBD with Dr. Lee
Mar 05 Nutrition with Dr. Corkins
Mar 02 IBD with Dr. Whitworth
Mar 01 Hospital Wide Ethics Rounds
Feb 28 TBL with Dr. Bugnitz
Feb 23 Jeopardy with Peds Chiefs
Feb 21 Gen Peds with Dr. McCoy
Feb 20 Radiology Rounds with Dr. Smothers
Feb 19 Hematuria with Dr. Qureshi
Feb 16 Renal Syndromes with Dr. Zhar
Feb 15 Schwartz Rounds
Feb 14 ESRD with Dr. Hastings
Feb 13 APKD with Dr. Onder
Feb 12 Proteinuria with Dr. Atherton
Feb 09 HTN with Dr. Delos Santos
Feb 08 Professor’s Rounds
Feb 07 Parenting with Dr. Beeman
Feb 06 TSC Renal Disease with Dr. Bissler
Feb 05 HUS with Dr. Onder
Feb 02 Metabolic Acidosis with Dr. Nada
Feb 01 Approach to Glomerular Disease with Dr. Onder
Jan 30 Leukemia with Dr. Flerlage
Jan 29 Bone Tumors with Dr. Bishop
Jan 26 Solid Tumors with Dr. Brennan
Jan 24 Thrombocytopenia with Dr. Puri
Jan 23 Bone Marrow Failure with Dr. Wang
Jan 22 Hemoglobinopathies with Dr. Hankins
Jan 19 Transfusions with Dr. Ryder
Jan 18 Schwartz Rounds
Jan 17 DVT/PE with Dr. Kleinman
Jan 11 Professor’s Rounds
Jan 10 Anemia with Dr. Meche
Jan 09 TBL with Dr. Bugnitz
Jan 08 Jeopardy
Jan 05 Bleeding with Dr. Esteep
Jan 04 Anemia with Dr. Weiss
Dec 21 Housestaff (contact for URL)
Dec 20 Neck Infections with Dr. Bettin
Dec 19 Fractures with Dr. Hanna
Dec 18 ENT Emergencies with Dr. Thompson
Dec 15 Abdominal Pain with Dr. Eubanks
Dec 14 Infant Care with Drs Morales, Tomsic, and Robinson
Dec 13 Jeopardy
Dec 12 Medstudy with the Peds Chiefs
Dec 11 Toxicology with Dr. Longjohn
Dec 08 Delayed Diagnosis with Dr. Qaddoumi
Dec 07 Orthopedics in Newborns with Dr. Kelly
Dec 06 Feeding the Newborn with Dr. Beeman
Dec 05 Morphology with Dr. Wright
Dec 04 Resident Wellness
Dec 01 Opthomology with Dr. Flinn
Nov 30 M&M (contact for URL)
Nov 29 Housestaff (contact for URL)
Nov 28 Infection Prevention with Dr. Hysmith
Nov 27 Serology with Dr. Arnold
Nov 22 CLABSI with Dr. Wolf
Nov 21 Molecular Diagnostics with Dr. Devincenzo
Nov 20 Parasites with Dr. Mukkada
Nov 17 TBL
Nov 16 Schwartz Rounds with Dr. Cunningham
Nov 15 Sexually Transmitted Diseases with Dr. Ost
Nov 14 MLP/Ethics Lecture
Nov 13 Toxic Shock and Other Toxin Mediated Diseases with Dr. Carrillo
Nov 10 Jeopardy
Nov 09 Professor's Rounds
Nov 08 Tuberculosis with Dr. Bagga
Nov 07 Infectious Rashes and Infestations with Dr. Wright
Nov 06 Diagnostic Reasoning with Dr. Arnold
Nov 03 Congenital Hepatitis with Dr. Carrillo
Nov 02 Encephalitis with Dr. Devincenzo
Nov 01 Antibiotics for Pediatrics with Dr. Margolis
Oct 31 M&M (contact for URL)
Oct 30 Jeopardy
Oct 27 TBL
Oct 26 Housestaff (contact for URL)
Oct 25 Diagnostic Testing with Dr. Srinivasan
Oct 24 Rare Lung dz/ ILD with Dr. Sanders
Oct 23 Sleep with Dr. Jordan
Oct 20 Trach Dependent and Chronic Vents with Dr. Schoumacher
Oct 19 Schwartz Rounds
Oct 18 General Peds Approach to Asthma with Dr. Alana
Oct 17 Radiology Rounds with Dr. Smothers
Oct 16 Neuromuscular Disease with Dr. Dubin
Oct 13 Congenital Lung Abnormalities with Dr. Srinivasan
Oct 12 Professor’s Rounds
Oct 11 BPD with Dr. Garnder
Oct 10 Cystic Fibrosis with Dr. Gardner
Oct 09 Ethics with Dr. Dalgo
Oct 06 PCD and Non-CF bronchiolitis with Dr. Sanders
Oct 05 Airway infection with Dr. Tudor
Oct 04 Malnutrition with Dr. Diriba Fufa Hordofa
Oct 03 Aerodigestive disease with Dr. Tutor
Oct 02 Respiratory Sounds and Exam with Dr. Dubin
Sep 29 Housestaff (contact for URL)
Sep 28 TBL
Sep 27 Jeopardy
Sep 26 Cardiac Complications of Infectious Diseases with Dr Rebolledo
Sep 25 Rate and Rhythm Disturbances with Dr Guerrier
Sep 22 M&M (contact for URL)
Sep 21 Schwartz Rounds (contact for URL)
Sep 20 Office Emergencies with Dr. Yaun
Sep 19 Ethic Rounds
Sep 18 Exercise Physiology Dr. Arevalo
Sep 15 Cardiac Chest Pain and Syncope with Dr. Swaminathan
Sep 14 Professor’s Rounds
Sep 13 Left to right shunts with Dr. Paudel
Sep 12 Myocarditis with Dr. Towbin
Sep 11 CHF and Cardiac Emergencies
Sep 08 Approach to the Cyanotic Infant
Sep 07 Critical Congenital Heart Dz with Dr. Philip
Sep 06 Murmurs with Dr. Pishko
Sep 05 Hypertension/Hyperlipidemia with Dr. Khan
Sep 01 Cardiac Genetics with Dr. Yohannan
Aug 31 Housestaff (contact for URL)
Aug 30 M&M (contact for URL)
Aug 29 Rickets and Vitamin D
Aug 28 Board Review
Aug 25 Type 1 DM with Dr. Foster
Aug 24 Adrenal Disorders with Dr. Alemzadeh
Aug 23 TBL
Aug 22 Growth Disorders with Dr. Alemzadeh
Aug 21 Sex Differentiation with Dr. Lahoti
Aug 18 Calcium Metabolism with Dr. Diaz Thomas
Aug 17 Endorine Emergencies with Dr. Lahoti
Aug 16 Medical-legal implications of Adolescent Care with Dr. Bowden
Aug 15 Radiology with Dr. Smothers
Aug 14 Jeopardy
Aug 11 Thyroid Disorders with Dr. Alemzadeh
Aug 10 Professor's Rounds
Aug 09 Problems with Menstruation with Dr. Al-Zubedi
Aug 08 Type 2 DM and Metabolic Syndrome with Dr. Han
Aug 07 Safe Sleep with Dr. Fiscus
Aug 04 DI and SIADH with Dr. Kasim
Aug 03 Hypopituitarism with Dr. Kasim
Aug 02 Contraception with Dr. Ost
Aug 01 Obesity with Dr. Han
Jul 31 Acute Inborn Errors of Metabolism with Dr. Ward
Jul 26 TBL
Jul 25 Hematological Emergencies with Dr. Estepp
Jul 24 MRTs and Harvey with Dr. Bugnitz
Jul 21 Fatigue with Dr. Bagga
Jul 20 Antibiotics with Dr. DeVincenzo
Jul 19 Status Epilepticus with Kelly Ward
Jul 18 Jeopardy
Jul 17 ICU 101
Jul 13 Professor’s Rounds
Jul 12 Teaching Medical Students with Dr. Bettin
Jul 11 Credentialing with Dr. Hanna
Jul 10 Peds Study with the Chiefs
Jul 07 Contracts with Mr. Lyons
Jul 06 Teaching Morning Reports
Jul 05 Legal Ramifications of Documentation
2016 - 2017
Date Topic
Jun 29 Somatoform Disorders with Dr. Heston
Jun 27 Depression with Dr. Ramos
Jun 26 Pediatric Sleep Disorders with Dr. Relia
Jun 23 Epilepsy with Dr. Weatherspoon
Jun 22 Seizure Classification with Dr. Mudigoudar
Jun 21 M&M with Dr. Bugnitz
Jun 20 Radiology Rounds with Dr. Smothers
Jun 19 Jeopardy
Jun 15 Schwartz rounds
Jun 14 Febrile Seizures with Dr. Bettin
Jun 13 Neuro questions with Dr. Rivas
Jun 12 CP and Movement Disorders with Dr. Karmarkar
Jun 08 Professor's Rounds
Jun 07 Human Trafficking with Beverly Doggrell
Jun 06 Stroke with Dr. Bhattarai
Jun 05 Concussion with Dr. Yaun
Jun 02 Neuromuscular Disorders with Dr. Caron
Jun 01 Predictors of Aggression in childhood with Dr. Arnold
Dec 21 Pediatric Limp
Dec 20 Fractures
Dec 19 Interesting Case
Dec 16 General Surgery Topic
Dec 15 Rashes: Drug and other
Dec 12 Toxicology
Dec 09 Genodermatosis for the Pediatrician
Dec 08 Orthopedics in the Newborn
Dec 07 Infant Care Elective Presentations
Dec 06 PICU topic
Dec 05 Urology
Dec 02 Ophtho
Dec 01 Cerner Informatics
Nov 29 Neurodevelopmental Topic
Nov 28 Inborn Errors of Metabolism Case Studies
Nov 23 Newborn Screening
Nov 21 Primary Care for Trisomy 21 Patient
Nov 16 Counseling Genetics Patients
Nov 14 ADHD
Nov 11 The Child Who Does Not Speak
Nov 10 Elected Genetic Conditions and Their Medical Consequences
Nov 09 Genetics Topic
Nov 07 Developmental Screening
Nov 03 Nurturing Parent
Nov 01 Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Oct 31 Ordering and Interpreting Serologic Tests Dr. Arnold
Oct 28 Lecture Topic TBD
Oct 27 C diff and other GI infections
Oct 26 Lecture TBD
Oct 25 The Febrile Infant Dr. Dobish
Oct 24 Fever in the Returning Traveler
Oct 21 Congenital/Neonatal Infections
Oct 20 Lecture Topic TBD
Oct 19 Lecture Topic TBD
Oct 18 Lecture Topic TBD
Oct 17 Antibiotic Stewardship and Antibiogram
Oct 14 Mosquito Borne Infections
Oct 13 Lecture Topic TBD
Oct 12 Lecture Topic N/A
Oct 11 Staphylococcal Infections
Oct 10 Professor Rounds
Oct 07 Sepsis and Shock
Oct 06 Histoplasmosis
Oct 05 Infecitious Rashes and Infestations
Oct 04 RSV and Other Respiratory Viruses
Oct 03 Group A Strep Infections
Sep 30 Housestaff/ Biggs Voting
Sep 29 AAP Guidelines
Sep 28 Cardiac Genetics
Sep 27 Arrhythmia
Sep 26 Exercise Cardiology
Sep 23 Interesting Case Review
Sep 21 Murmurs
Sep 20 Intro to ECHOS
Sep 19 Cardiac Emergencies
Sep 16 TBL
Sep 15 Schwartz Rounds
Sep 14 Jeopardy
Sep 13 Bioethics Rounds
Sep 12 Cardiomyopathy
Sep 09 Left to Right Shunt Lesions
Sep 08 Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
Sep 07 Dermatology Topic
Sep 06 Cyanotic Heart Disease
Sep 02 Boards and Cards
Sep 01 Critical CHD
Aug 31 Housestaff
Aug 30 Professor Rounds
Aug 29 TBL Dr. Bugnitz
Aug 26 Endo-TBA
Aug 25 Diabetes
Aug 24 Pain Management
Aug 23 Adrenals
Aug 18 Growth
Aug 17 Jeopardy
Aug 16 Abdominal X-rays
Aug 15 Puberty Disorders
Aug 11 Rickets and Vitamin D
Aug 10 Advocacy
Aug 09 Endocrine Emergencies
Aug 08 Hematologic Emergencies
Aug 05 Obesity
Aug 04 Calcium Metabolism
Aug 03 Ped Study
Aug 02 Thyroid
Aug 01 Hypopituitarism
2015 - 2016
Date Topic
Jun 24 Patient Safety M&M
Jun 23 Schwartz Rounds
Jun 22 Gen Peds Topic
Jun 21 Radiology Rounds
Jun 20 Journal Club
Jun 17 Epilepsy for PCPs
Jun 16 Jeopardy
Jun 15 Central Hypersomnia
Jun 14 ADHD
Jun 13 CP and Movement Disorders
Jun 10 Knowledge Bowl
Jun 09 Delirium
Jun 08 Concussion
Jun 06 TBD
Jun 03 Infantile Spasms and the Differential
Jun 02 Management of Status Epilepticus
Jun 01 Depression
May 31 Medication History Safety Events
May 27 Patient Safety M&M
May 26 SLE
May 25 Journal Club
May 24 Jeopardy
May 23 Biologics for Asthma/CVD
May 20 TBL
May 19 Schwartz Rounds, St. Jude Orientation
May 18 Drug Allergy
May 17 DKA Update
May 16 Primary Immune Deficiencies
May 13 Asthma
May 12 Anaphylaxis
May 11 Lab Eval of Autoimmunity
May 10 Scleroderma
May 09 Bioethics
May 06 Etteldorf Symposium
May 05 Atopic Dermatitis
May 04 Allergic Rhinitis/Sinusitis
May 03 JIA
May 02 Food Allergy
May 26, 2022