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Call Schedule

All call is taken from home and covers the hospitals in which the residents rotate as well as any after-hours questions or concerns from clinic patients of the academic faculty that are facilitated by an office answering service. With the exception of Baptist Memorial Hospital, all hospitals are located approximately 5 minutes or less from each other.

The primary call resident (PGY-2 and 3) is responsible for addressing any concerns regarding the care of inpatients and for the evaluation and management of new consults or emergencies. There is always a chief resident (PGY-4 or 5) on call, who provides assistance to the junior resident as needed. Primary call averages 4-5 call shifts with 1 weekend per month and is graduated, with the PGY-3 residents taking slightly less call.

There is a separate call pool for Baptist Memorial Hospital that is comprised of the PGY-4 residents. Baptist is a suburban private hospital and therefore, private community otolaryngologists also share call responsibility throughout the year. The PGY-4 resident is responsible for any patients under the care of the academic faculty and only cover inpatient/ER consults for the UT academic faculty when they are on call (approximately 2 weeks per month on average). 

The four residents on call each weekend day are responsible for rounding on the inpatients from all services, thus residents regularly have 2-3 full weekends off per month. Residents regularly have 2-3 full weekends off per month (AKA golden weekends without any clinical responsibilities).

Interns participate in call within the scope allowed by ACGME duty hours during their months rotating with the Otolaryngology Department.

The majority of training in the evaluation and management of facial trauma occurs at Regional One Health, where coverage is provided every third week and shared with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. At Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center, facial trauma call is alternated monthly and shared with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. At Methodist University Hospital, facial trauma call is solely covered by the Otolaryngology service.

Feb 8, 2023