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UTHSC Recruitment Statement for 2023-24 Applicants (STEP1 Changes)

In light of the evolving landscape within the field of otolaryngology and acknowledging the recent pass/fail status of STEP1 for applicant evaluation, we affirm our commitment to employing a comprehensive and holistic approach to the selection of our otolaryngology resident candidates at UTHSC.
As such, we have resolved to place an even greater emphasis on the assessment of intangible attributes that go beyond mere academic achievements. These changes necessitate a more nuanced evaluation strategy, one that underscores the significance of qualities such as integrity, trustworthiness, dedication, resilience, teachability, compassion, and pursuit of academic excellence.
Integrity and trustworthiness form the bedrock of our profession, ensuring that patient well-being remains paramount in all clinical endeavors. Dedication and resilience underscore an unwavering commitment to the challenging demands of otolaryngology, demonstrating an applicant's capacity to endure and thrive within a rigorous clinical environment. Teachability reflects an applicant's openness to learning and adapting to new techniques and technologies, fostering an environment of continuous improvement. Compassion, the cornerstone of patient-centered care, signifies an applicant's capacity to provide empathetic and considerate treatment to patients and colleagues alike.
We are dedicated to recognizing the multidimensionality of every applicant, allowing us to identify those individuals who align most closely with our institutional values and goals. Our intent is to select residents who will not only excel academically, but who will also enrich our residency program through their embodiment of the aforementioned qualities. By doing so, we aim to cultivate a diverse community of learners and practitioners who are well-equipped to pursue both scientific inquiry and the delivery of exemplary patient care, ensuring the optimal development of our residents as both clinicians and scholars.

Oct 10, 2023