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Clinical Outcomes and Clinical Trials Program (COCTP)

The Clinical Outcomes and Clinical Trials Program (COCTP) centers on clinical epidemiology and outcomes research and clinical trials in the fields of nephrology and transplantation medicine. The goal of COCTP is to provide an intellectual home for nephrology clinical research while proving support and training to establish a sound research hypothesis and study design, as well as coordinating budget/contract negotiation, regulatory submission, human subject recruitment, and data management.

Current and Past Visiting Scholars and Trainees

  • Faisal Abdulameer, MD
  • Manyoo Agarwal, MD
  • Jawed Akhtar, MD
  • Faisal M. Arif, MD
  • Orsolya Cseprekál, MD
  • Ankur A. Dashputre, MS
  • Charles D. Diskin, MD
  • Abduzhappar Gaipov, MD
  • Fatima Hassan, MD
  • Waleed Hassan, MD
  • Mahmoud Mahmoud, MD
  • Margit Mikkelsen
  • Mahmoud Mohamed, MD
  • Kristof Nagy, MD
  • Mohammad Abdullah Al Zubair Naim
  • Yoshitsugu Obi, MD
  • Abhishek Patel, MD
  • Shejuti Paul
  • Tarek Saleh, MD
  • Keiichi Sumida, MD
  • Patrick Sweeney
  • Makoto Tsujita, MD
  • Masahiko Yazawa, MD




The Harold Simmons Center for Chronic Disease Research and Epidemiology at University of California, Irvine
The Harold Simmons Center for Chronic Disease Research and Epidemiology is located on the campus of the University of California, Irvine (UCI), California. The Center is funded by a philanthropic grant from Mr. Harold Simmons in addition to funding from NIH and various other sources. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, M.D. Ph.D who is Professor of Medicine at UCI, heads the Center. Besides its main mission of chronic disease research, the Center provides research training for masters and doctoral students from the UCI/UCLA School of Public Health, students and recent college graduates interested in pursuing careers in medicine and/or medical research, and young physician investigators from all over the world. The Harold Simmons Center has expanded during these past eight years in terms of facility space as well as staff. Our clinical studies staff has expanded to include one full-time study coordinator as well as three part-time staff members and several volunteers who are seeking experience in clinical trial research while pursuing careers in medicine or the healthcare field. The Center is currently mentoring five research physicians who come from all over the world to expand their knowledge of epidemiological research methodologies. Researchers who have completed their tenure are continuing their collaboration with the Center from their respective countries using remote access technologies.

Columbia University and University of Minnesota
Our group collaborates with a group of experts in the field of microbiome research, headed by Drs. Paolo C. Colombo and Melana Yuzefpolskaya at the Columbia University and Dr. Ryan Demmer at the University of Minnesota, on microbiome-related cohort studies.

University of Florida
Our group collaborates with the group of experts in the field of biostatistics, headed by Dr. Susmita Datta at the University of Florida, on statistical modeling and analysis for omics data.

John Hopkins Hospital
Our Group has been part of an international consortium of cohort studies (CKD Prognosis Consortium) spearheaded by Drs. Josef Coresh and Morgan Grams at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

University of Memphis
Abu Mohammed Naser Titu, PhD, MPH, MBBS
Our group collaborates with Dr. Abu Mohammed Naser Titu at the University of Memphis on designing and implementing longitudinal epidemiological studies on the effects of temperature exposure on kidney and cardiovascular outcomes.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Our group collaborates with groups of experts in the field of molecular oncology and computational biology, headed by Drs. Esther Obeng and Xiaotu Ma, at the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on clonal hematopoiesis-related studies.

University of Tennessee Knoxville
Our group collaborates with the group of experts in the field of computer science, headed by Dr. Michael A. Langston at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, on algorithmic analysis for big data in observational cohort studies.

University of Wisconsin
Our group collaborates with the group of experts in the field of microbiology and physiology, headed by Dr. Joseph F. Pierre at the University of Wisconsin, on microbial metagenomic sequencing and community analysis for microbiome-related studies.



University of Toronto
University of Toronto is one of the leading Universities in North-America. Our group collaborates with the group headed by Istvan Mucsi, MD, PhD in the field of kidney transplantation research.

Semmelweis University
Semmelweis University is the largest medical school in Hungary, Europe. The Division of Transplantation and Surgery performs approximately 150-170 kidney transplantations a year. Our group collaborates with the Division of Transplantation and Surgery on analyses from an observational cohort of prevalent kidney transplant recipients (“Malnutrition-Inflammation in Transplant-Hungary [MINIT-HU] Study”).


Aug 23, 2023