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Institute for Health Outcomes and Policy

What makes IHOP programs distinctive?

The graduate programs at the IHOP give students the opportunity to gain a specific set of skills and research experiences, including:

  • Design and implementation of health outcomes research
  • Research design methodologies
  • Clinical effectiveness research and health outcomes assessments
  • Data collection, measurement and analysis methodologies
  • Conducting research with vulnerable and underserved populations
  • Assessing health risk and outcomes from a variety of perspectives
  • Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis in health care
  • Clinical and translational research
  • Policy analysis and community engagement
  • Disseminating and implementing research findings to communities

Moreover, each student conducts mentored research in order to apply these skills in a hands-on setting.

Career Opportunities

Graduate training in the program prepares students for career opportunities in:

  • Academic research and teaching.
  • Safety and economic evaluation of products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.
  • Policy analysis for professional associations, health care insurance providers, and governmental agencies.
  • Management within hospitals, managed care organizations and programs concerned with reimbursement for pharmaceuticals and other medical technologies.
May 26, 2022