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Well-Being Task Force

Help is within reach

In partnership with our  primary training site and our major affiliated hospital, Erlanger Health System (EHS), our campus (The University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga) has initiated a program and appointed a joint Well-Being Task Force that are dedicated to:

  • Understanding and promoting healthcare professionals, physicians, and trainees engagement and well-being
  • Providing resources for healthcare professionals, physicians, and trainees that help them promote their own wellness
  • Discovering personal and organizational approaches to prevent and address healthcare professionals, physicians, and trainees distress
  • Creating a workplace culture that is energy replenishing

Important Well-Being Task Force Links:


  • Mukta Panda, MD, MACP, F-RCP, London
    Professor and Assistant Dean for Well-Being and Medical Student Education 


  • Natasha Amjed, DO, PGY-3, Internal Medicine Resident; Chair of the Resident Wellness Subcommittee; and Member of the Resident Advisory Board
  • Elizabeth Appling, Chief Diversity Officer, Erlanger Health System
  • Donald Barker, MD, FACS, Chief Medical Officer and Professor, Surgery, Erlanger Health System (Baroness Erlanger Campus)
  • Stacey Blanks, C-TAGME, Program Coordinator, Urology Residency
  • Douglas Brewer, MD, MS, FASCRS, CPE, Chief Medical Officer, Erlanger Medical Group (EMG)
  • Steve Burkett, Vice President, Network Development and the Erlanger Medical Group (EMG)
  • Floyd Chasse, MS, MPHR, Vice President, Human Resources, Erlanger Health System
  • Alexandria Cooke, MD, Faculty, Family Medicine
  • Gregory Daniel, Chaplain Services, Erlanger Health System
  • "Nico" Domingo, MD, Faculty, Plastic Surgery
  • Hayley Everett, MD, PGY-4, Surgery Resident; House Staff Association President; and Chair of the Resident Advisory Board
  • Robert C. Fore, EdD, FACEHP, CHCP, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/DIO
  • W. Heath Giles, MD, FACS, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Surgery Residency 
  • Charles Gober, MD, PGY-2, Family Medicine Resident; and TMA Governing Council Board of Trustee Delegate
  • W. Douglas Gregorie, MD, FACEP, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency 
  • Rachel Harris, BSN, RN, Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive, Erlanger Health System
  • Audrey Haywood, MD, UT Erlanger Respiratory and Critical Care
  • James W. Haynes, MD, FAAFP, Chair, Family Medicine
  • Jacqueline Hogan, CAP, GME Financial Specialist 
  • Jessica Howell, RN, Program Coordinator, MIGS Fellowship; and Navigator, GYN Oncology Women's Services, Erlanger Health System
  • William L. Jackson Jr., MD, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Erlanger Health System
  • Kimberly Judd, MSEd, C-TAGME, GME Lead Coordinator 
  • Jessie Kelly, LMFT, GME Counselor/Advocate
  • Jessica Lange, MD, Instructor, Urology
  • Sudave Mendiratta, MD, FACEP, Associate Professor and Chair, Emergency Medicine
  • Sharif Murphy, MD,  Assistant Professor, Gastroenterology (representing the Medicine Fellowships)
  • Jetina Okereke, MD, Instructor and Administrative Chief Resident, Internal Medicine (representing the Internal Medicine Residency)
  • Chris Poole, MD, Medical Staff Representative, Erlanger Health System
  • Charlean Roberson, Behavioral Health SS/DA, Erlanger Health System
  • Pamela Scott, C-TAGME, Director, Graduate and Medical Student Education
  • R. Bruce Shack, MD, FACS, Professor and Dean, University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga
  • Laurie-Anne Swaby, MD, Assistant Professor, Gastroenterology
  • Julie Taylor, Vice President and  Development Officer, Erlanger Foundation
  • Heather Urrego, DO, Faculty, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ravi Viradia, MD, PGY-7, 2nd Year Plastic Surgery Resident; and Vice Chair of the Governing Council, Tennessee Medical Association (TMA)
  • David Wallace, MD, Neurosurgeon, UT Erlanger Neurosurgery
  • Amy Wells, MD, Assistant Program Director, Pediatrics Residency
  • Charles Woods, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Children's Hospital at Erlanger; and Chair, Department of Pediatrics
  • Chris Young, MD, Chief, Erlanger Medical Staff
  • Robert Zylstra, EdD, LCSW, Professor, Assistant Program Director, and Director of Behavioral Science, Family Medicine

The Well-Being Task Force scheduled meetings for 2021-2022 are:

  • Wednesday, 7/21/2021 (held via Zoom, 4:30 - 5:30 PM ET)
  • Wednesday, 10/20/2021 (held via Zoom, 4:30 - 5:30 PM ET)
  • Thursday, 1/20/2022 (to be held in the Erlanger POB Conference Room off the B Elevator, 4:30 - 5:30 PM ET in person)
  • Thursday, 4/21/2022 (to be held in the Erlanger POB Conference Room off the B Elevator, 4:30 - 5:30 PM ET in person)

A revision is being emailed to all Well-Being Task Force members.  For in-person meetings, everyone should be masked and physically distanced until further notice.

Last Published: Oct 14, 2021