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UT MSPE Format (click on the hyperlink to view the MSPE format)

Visiting Student Applications -- Allopathic and Osteopathic Medical Students should submit applications for rotations in Chattanooga via the AAMC VSLO website.  International Medical Students may only apply for rotations if the medical school has a formal exchange program with the University of Tennessee or if a formal affiliation agreement has been approved between the other medical school and the University of Tennessee.

For students interested in electives in the following departments, complete the online short forms and submit them directly to the department online before applying through VSLO:

      Emergency Medicine
      Family Medicine
      Internal Medicine
      Orthopaedic Surgery

Housing Request

Click here if you need to request housing for your student rotation- Complete and submit the form online.  Please note that we cannot provide housing for non-UT Visiting Students.

Housing Assignment Guidelines

  1. First priority is to 3rd year UT students enrolled in Clerkship rotations
  2. Second priority is to 4th year UT students enrolled in Required rotations (Geri/Palli and Capstone)
  3. Third priority is to all other 3rd and 4th year UT students enrolled in electives or JIs.

Since we frequently have more than 28 students, it helps if students from the Chattanooga area stay with friends or family to maximize available housing. 

*UT Students who intend to complete most of their Clerkship and Elective rotations in Chattanooga should obtain their own housing at their expense. 

*If students have friends or family in the Chattanooga area, we expect them to utilize this option.  This will help to provide student housing for those who do not have any other option.

*We do not begin reviewing the student housing roster until thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the rotation.  If we see any sign of housing limitations, we will notify you as soon as possible.  You will receive a "Welcome" email approximately 7-10 days prior to the beginning of the rotation, which will include detailed check-in and Orientation instructions.

Please complete all the forms listed below.

As soon as you  have scheduled and been approved for a medical student rotation in Chattanooga (via the UT Student Scheduling System), please complete the following forms:


  1. Medical Student Photo - Please email a jpg photo of yourself to before beginning your rotation.
  2. Medical Student Biographical Information - Complete and submit the form online as soon as your rotation is scheduled and approved.  
  3. Erlanger Medical Library Usage Agreement - Medical Students- Please submit to prior to orientation. 
  4. Erlanger Information Confidentiality Agreement - Please complete and submit to prior to orientation.
  5. Online Medical Student Handbook -- This information will be discussed in detail at orientation on your first day of the rotation.
If you are staying in the Hayden Place Apartments, please complete the following:
  1. Apartment Review: Check-In Form- Given at orientation
  2. Combine No Smoking and Damage Policy - Given at orientation
  3. Apartment Checkout Review - Complete this before you leave and check out of the apartments at Hayden Place. 

Click on this link for the Limited Leave Request Form for Medical Students and submit to your Clerkship Director for approval at least 30 days before the rotation begins.

At the end of your rotations in Chattanooga, you must complete the following and return your photo ID, pager, meal card, Erlanger Security access card and parking pass used in your car, as well as complete the following forms:
Nov 27, 2023